Universal – Aug 9 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“A bit of expert advice …” PROTIP
“Hello” singer ADELE
“Maybe even less!” IFTHAT
“Naughty!” syllable TSK
“Stop loading this site” key ESC
12-year-old, e.g TWEEN
Alan of “Marriage Story” ALDA
Alternative to Marshalls ROSS
Approximately 2.2 lb KILO
At full attention RAPT
British singer Parks ARLO
Bucket o’ Soldiers contents, in “Toy Story” ARMYMEN
Bug expert? SPY
Characters in a Michael Crichton book? ACTIONFIGURES
Christmassy temp workers SANTAS
Coll. teacher PROF
Conclusions ENDS
Cookie with a wasabi flavor in China OREO
Cry that stops filming ANDCUT
Cultivate some crops HOE
Enthusiastic agreement YESIDO
Fedora, e.g HAT
Feel remorse for RUE
Female hedgehog or hog SOW
Fitness fanatic GYMRAT
Flowery words in a Danielle Steel book? ROMANCELANGUAGE
Follow, as a rule OBEY
Former Gary Sinise forensic drama CSINY
Fuss ADO
Go ___ (start behaving erratically) ROGUE
Have a hero, say? EAT
Hearty bowlful STEW
Hyped TV event FINALE
Indian wrap SARI
June 30, but not June 31 DATE
Keepsakes MEMENTOS
Kind or sort ILK
Largest city in Story County, Iowa AMES
Leaf holder that’s steeped TEABAG
Leisurely SLOW
Like Guinness IRISH
Lot size unit ACRE
Louis of fashion VUITTON
Ma who once left a $2.5 million cello in a taxi YOYO
Mixing up the Bronte sisters and others? CLASSICMISTAKES
Money execs CFOS
Nickname that might drop “Henri” ETTA
Not on, as a lamp UNLIT
O’er there YON
Old Russian monarchs TSARS
Possesses HAS
Pushes, like a parent’s limits TESTS
Quidditch and others? FANTASYSPORTS
Rap/fashion icon Lil ___ X NAS
Red Roof ___ (hotel chain) INN
River through Tuscany TIBER
Sch. north of Denver CSU
Shipping label words SENDTO
Shopping vehicle CART
Showdown for honor DUEL
Sleeps in nature CAMPS
Small winning margin in softball ONERUN
Sound to stop sounds SHH
Steering implement with a blade OAR
Sunscreen target BARESKIN
Take a break REST
They’re set in clock apps ALARMS
Train part CAR
Unexcitable STOLID
Used a treadmill RAN
Vague quantity of salt PINCH
VapoRub brand VICKS
Wearing bedtime apparel INPJS
Word after “birth” or “meal” PLAN
Write hurriedly JOT
___-tac-toe TIC

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