Universal Crossword Solutions August 16, 2022


Industry honcho CZAR
Place for pampering SPA
0.5 fl. oz. TBSP
Rome’s ___ Fountain TREVI
Word after “stand” or “down” PAT
Jump ___ (double Dutch item) ROPE
Online session for an aspiring sommelier? WINEBARWEBINAR
Suffix with “senior” ITIS
Opposite of a loss WIN
In the distance AFAR
Minor complaint NIT
Used a floor cushion SAT
Ga. home of the WNBA’s Dream ATL
Some hospital drama sets: Abbr. ERS
Daily task for an egg farmer? CHICKENCHECKIN
___kwondo TAE
___/they pronouns SHE
Prefix with “dynamic” AERO
Academy Award OSCAR
Pupil’s place EYE
“Have an open mind!” TRYIT
Genuine REAL
___ Arbor, Michigan ANN
Black Lives Matter co-founder Tometi AYO
Dress-up activity inspired by a nymph in the “Odyssey”? CALYPSOCOSPLAY
Words between “cool” and “cucumber” ASA
That thing’s ITS
Luau instrument, for short UKE
OB-GYN, e.g. DOC
Turn sharply VEER
“Cousin ___ Visits the Addams Family” ITT
“Hey there!” HIYA
Woe for a grounded child? BEDROOMBOREDOM
“The Little Mermaid” prince ERIC
Console with a Sports Resort WII
Avis competitor ALAMO
Garden entryway GATE
Finale END
Anna’s sister in “Frozen” ELSA


Professional reviewer CRITIC
Wide streets: Abbr. AVES
Curved bone RIB
Water fairy, e.g. SPRITE
Future queen, perhaps PAWN
Devoured ATE
Unimportant thing TRIFLE
___ fide BONA
One might be hidden in a fake rock SPAREKEY
According to PER
Either protagonist in “Sister, Sister” TWIN
Up and at ’em AWAKE
Soak in a tub BATHE
Mark from surgery SCAR
Sore feeling ACHE
“Desperado” singer, to fans RIRI
Annoying person SNOT
Sicily’s country ITALY
“Bye Bye Bye” band NSYNC
Holiday delivery? CAROL
Whale with a saddle patch ORCA
Homes for 34-Downs SEAS
Dia de los Muertos skull CALAVERA
Biblical name found backward in “plus-one” ENOS
Use a keyboard TYPE
Houston baseball pro ASTRO
Invite along for ASKTO
Puncture PIERCE
Best at an auction OUTBID
Nike competitor ADIDAS
Cello virtuoso who founded the Silkroad collective YOYOMA
Hard-to-spot pattern, briefly CAMO
Menu with Undo EDIT
Hacker’s cry of success IMIN
“___ come around eventually!” HELL
Entreat, or seek a treat BEG
Need to pay OWE
“Insecure” star Issa RAE

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