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Universal – Dec 10 2018

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Clues Answers
“Dallas” family EWING
“Grand” hits SLAMS
“I’m doomed!” ALAS
“In today’s game” thing RECAP
“Open, sesame” dude ALI
“Roots” author HALEY
A Christmas shade RED
Activate the lobby elevator PRESSUP
Allay, as fears QUELL
Attila, for one HUN
Beer barrel boogie POLKA
Billiards variety SNOOKERPOOL
Blockade variety NAVAL
Boating tool OAR
Brazenly disobey FLOUT
Car ad fig MPG
Chairman of China MAO
Climber’s destination TOP
Closes a pinkie hole DARNS
Collection pieces ITEMS
Course outlines SYLLABI
Crisp tortilla TOSTADA
Deploy USE
Drink freshener ICE
Droop SAG
Drop, in editing DELE
Egg, in old Rome OVA
Eliminate ERASE
Feminine pronoun SHE
Food scrap ORT
Gives off EMITS
Grain bundle SHEAF
Hay block BALE
Heavy sword SABER
Hides evidence, e.g ABETS
Horse race pace TROT
Impairs severely MAIMS
Informs to the coppers SQUEALS
It represents PC characters ASCII
January, in dates ONE
Large amounts SLEWS
Lift on slopes TBAR
Lists, as a price ASKS
Luxurious place SPA
Many bushels, e.g ALOT
Mo. No. 10 OCT
More frozen ICIER
Oft-turned thing KNOB
Parking place SPOT
Pay ___ view PER
Peaceful walks STROLLS
Potato sack material BURLAP
Quarrel SPAT
Quick cuts SNIPS
Reason to not eat cookie dough UNCOOKEDEGG
Recently OFLATE
Santa’s wee one ELF
Seizes again RETAKES
Senegal’s capital DAKAR
Separate APART
Spectrum-forming solid PRISM
Swimming actions STROKES
Treaty of Rome org EEC
Trump’s second PENCE
TV’s MacFarlane SETH
Twinklers up high STARS
Type of glasses OPERA
Use a moist cotton ball DAB
Villainous in appearance EVILLOOKING
Washroom, briefly LAV
Wild, bizarre fight MELEE
Wine casks TUNS
With no rooms left ALLBOOKEDUP
Woodpecker’s worker NEB
Works batter STIRS