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Universal – Dec 12 2018

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Clues Answers
“Copacabana” figure RICO
“High” drink TEA
“Silent Night,” for one NOEL
All birdy AVIAN
Annoying gossiper YENTA
Bad place to lean? AGAINSTTHETRAIN
Become prominent EMERGE
Black eye, slangily SHINER
Blade making waves OAR
Bond’s order MARTINI
British pantry items TINS
Chain letters, to geneticists RNA
Chart-topping songs HITS
Classify, as blood TYPE
Collection plate insert TITHE
Commando incursion RAID
Cornell founder’s first EZRA
Covered with ooze SLIMY
Cul-de-___ SAC
Dealers in futures SEERS
Delany of TV DANA
Distressful cry YOWL
Easy chair site DEN
Enclose in a hollow EMBAY
Erupter in Sicily ETNA
Fancy rims MAGS
Fashionable borders? HEMS
Feast celebrating the Exodus SEDER
Fit of shivering AGUE
Fronted, as a parade LED
Gator? No, close CROC
Given a new role RECAST
Goose with a black neck BRANT
Handy tools for cobblers AWLS
Hawaiian gala LUAU
Himalayan cryptids YETIS
Inspected the rails? TOOKATRAINCHECK
Instruction book GUIDE
Invisible emanation AURA
Iraqi port BASRA
Large rural field LEA
Layer up high OZONE
LeBron James’ squad LAKERS
Most factual TRUEST
Move crabbily SIDLE
Movie headliner STAR
Olympics chant USA
Opposed one ANTI
Outstanding rating AONE
Pesky insect GNAT
Pointed direction? EAST
Poisonous flammable gas ARSINE
Presents posers ASKS
Pupil site IRIS
Resistance figures OHMS
Response to “Shall we?” LETS
Seed spreader SOWER
Sign of boredom YAWN
Soon, way old ANON
Stonefaced STOLID
Strapped for money NEEDY
Thing in a well BUCKET
Thing on a hook WORM
Time between events INTERIM
Tiny-castle flooder TIDE
Title used in Turkey AGHA
Titles for Japanese emperors MIKADOS
Ultimately better? BEST
Unwarranted, as pressure UNDUE
Vehicle that makes huge splashes? TORRENTIALTRAIN
Very boring TEDIOUS
Was an author WROTE
Wins, barely NIPS
Winter toy SLED
Wrinkly tangelos UGLIS