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Universal – Dec 2 2018

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Clues Answers
“Paulo” preceder SAO
“You over there!” HEY
“___ bodkins!” ODS
Acquire through clock-punching EARN
Agile and quick NIMBLE
Air circulator FAN
Aircraft-related prefix AERO
Albanian bills LEKS
Any intro OPENER
Baby atop a large stone? NEWKIDONTHEROCK
Belafonte or Lewis SHARI
Broker’s cry SELL
Building’s front FACADE
Button alternative SNAP
Comerica Park score RUN
Countertenors ALTOS
Create notches in SERRATE
Cupid analog EROS
Female deer DOE
Forward lateral relative PASS
Garden tool HOE
Ger. is there EUR
Get the picture SHOOT
Helped with heists ABETTED
Hill/Roday detective show PSYCH
Igneous/sedimentary hybrid? COMBINATIONROCK
Illinois city URBANA
Jacket for frigid weather ANORAK
Just squeeze out EKE
Kid’s guardian boulder? CHILDSAFETYROCK
Laggards in a line SLOWPOKES
Large-eyed creatures OWLS
Last-yr. high schoolers SRS
Life-giver? LUCE
Like wrinkled clothes UNIRONED
Limit CAP
Lingerie pieces BRAS
Little Darth Vader ANI
Longing ones YEARNERS
Major fuss ADO
Moves gingerly EASES
Not captivating BLAH
Notorious emperor NERO
Old Nile Kingdom NUBIA
Overruled or zeroed out NULLED
Pen’s liquid INK
Philadelphia university DREXEL
Places willed by the rich ESTATES
Prefix for “six” HEXA
Quenches, as a thirst SLAKES
Rainbow’s shape ARC
Rod linking wheels AXLE
Room for a babe NURSERY
Rudder’s position AFT
Shady garden retreat ARBOR
Some pork cuts CHOPS
Spot of wine? ASTI
Stable sound NEIGH
Steeped brews TEAS
Stubby pencil, e.g NUB
Take more than your share HOG
That young lady HER
The calm before the storm, militarily PREWAR
The Caspian, for one SEA
Timothy who played Bond DALTON
Tiny WEE
Tiny tree BONSAI
U-shaped curves in streams OXBOWS
Uses a whetstone HONES
Verifiable TRUE
Volcanic “ante” anagram ETNA
Warm water on a frozen windshield DEICER
Web-crawling app BOT
Wrath or choler IRE
Written assignments ESSAYS