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Universal – Dec 21 2018

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Clues Answers
“Million” attachments AIRES
“Stop,” in “Don’t stop” VERB
“There ___ such a clatter …” AROSE
“Who’s Who” group ELITE
A capella features SOLOS
Actor Ledger HEATH
Arctic seabird SKUA
Aspen social APRESSKI
Basketball legend Bill WALTON
Bread in India NAAN
Capital of Portugal LISBON
Card rules expert HOYLE
Clark of comics KENT
Clay brick ADOBE
Colony bug ANT
Comics canine OTTO
Conductor’s way to track paying customers? AFAREBELLTOARMS
Container type BIN
Cotton fabric type PIMA
Court order WRIT
Creative thought IDEA
Culture site AGAR
Cylinder on a farm SILO
Decorate ADORN
Dripping WET
Email icon SEND
Facts DATA
Fairy godmother’s prop WAND
Far-ranging VAST
Fossil source SHALE
Frazier rival ALI
Grounds for a medal VALOR
Haughty type SNOB
High schooler TEENAGER
It’s not now, go back THEN
Italian evening SERA
Kremlin dweller, once TSAR
Leading AHEAD
Libel, e.g TORT
Like the Philly Liberty display? BELLESTABLISHED
Luxury theater seating LOGE
Manage to avoid EVADE
Marching band hat SHAKO
Marine flier ERNE
Minor haircut TRIM
Mold go-with MILDEW
Monastery bigwig ABBOT
No longer in effect NULL
Observe HEED
Overly heavy OBESE
Pitcher’s rubber SLAB
Progress slowly INCH
Propelled a gondola POLED
Puts on a drama STAGES
Racing boat SCULL
Record material VINYL
Relaxing spots SPAS
Ringer on a fair-haired weapon? BLONDEBOMBSBELL
Seed cover ARIL
Seed vessel with hooks (var.) BUR
Self-sacrificer MARTYR
Semi-sheer fabric VOILE
Some are checkered PASTS
Some health food TOFU
Spread about STREW
Stir things up RILE
Stop living DIE
Superior’s wet inferior ERIE
Tonally pleasing ONKEY
TV prize EMMY
Vanquished disease POLIO
Win -___ record LOSS
Wood layer PLY
Worms, often BAIT
Writing material PAPERS