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Universal – Dec 22 2018

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Clues Answers
“Fool me ___, shame …” ONCE
“Groovy!” kin FAB
“Medicine” used in tests PLACEBO
“Your turn,” on CBs OVER
100 sen, in Cambodia RIEL
13-13, for example TIE
Agatha Christie, for one DAME
Always, to Shakespeare EER
Ballot reader VOTER
Become rancid ROT
Blow off steam VENT
Bonkers way to run AMOK
Brad making movies PITT
Butcher’s discards OFFAL
Catlike carnivore CIVET
Causes a bottleneck IMPEDES
Charges for boarding RENTS
Chide children SCOLD
China’s continent ASIA
Column type IONIC
Cuisine FOOD
Deplete USEUP
Eggs, centuries ago OVA
Empty talk HOTAIR
Family-vs.-family war FEUD
Field of expertise AREA
Fifth, for one AVE
Foolish dolt SCHMO
Frequent OFTEN
Galaxy near ours ANDROMEDA
Gate fastener HASP
Graham or Preminger OTTO
Group of eight OCTET
Hog havens PENS
Homer Simpson says it DOH
Lamb’s call BAA
Like an old lady ANILE
Like the devil EVIL
Like the Matterhorn ALPINE
Literary “before” ERE
Make a pin prick STAB
Moderate place for a nerd? MIDDLEOFTHECODE
Nabisco cookies OREOS
Nerd’s biggest regret? THECODENOTTAKEN
Nerd’s fave Tom Hanks film? CODETOPERDITION
Not straight BENT
Ominous omen FORETOKEN
Opera specialty ARIA
Picnic pests ANTS
Police car attachment SIREN
Prefix with “bell” or “found” DUMB
Professional copyist SCRIBE
Pupil of Socrates PLATO
Road hazards SLICKS
Roller coaster part LOOP
Scout’s construction TENT
Seafood item SCALLOP
Shoe bottom SOLE
Some pizza orders SMALLS
Spring mo APR
Squeak-stopper OIL
Super Bowl, e.g EVENT
Superintendent BOSS
Tallies ADDS
Tennis player’s necessity GRIP
Tibetan mystery YETI
Ticket CITE
Time to remember ERA
Told fibs LIED
Try to get more stock REORDER
Two-colored PIED
Typesetter’s type PICA
Walking on eggshells EDGY
Well-armed creatures OCTOPI
Words with “depend” or “step” ONIT
Yemeni port ADEN