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Universal – Dec 23 2018

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Clues Answers
“… Story ___ Told” EVER
“7 Faces of Dr. ___” (film) LAO
“Billie Jean” for Michael Jackson GREATESTHIT
“Crocodile ___” (Hogan film) DUNDEE
“He’s ___ nowhere man” AREAL
“In what way?” HOW
“Les Miz” setting SEWER
“That’ll show ’em!” HAH
Adam and carpenter ANTS
Admires verbally PRAISES
Auto tire letters PSI
Babbled PRATED
Blender setting PUREE
Bologna’s country ITALY
Burnout prescription RESTCURE
Cathedral part APSE
Classroom fixtures DESKS
Clever cons RUSES
Coffee container URN
Contact site EYE
Cornbread concoctions PONES
Credit card fig APR
Deadly mob event SURPRISEHIT
Densely packed ski run PISTE
Drink cooler ICE
Dug in ATE
Eliminate ERASE
Exclamation of derision YAH
Flat-topped formations MESAS
Form of rummy CANASTA
Fury IRE
Get boozed up HITTHESAUCE
Ghostlike in appearance ASHEN
Groups of four TETRADS
Hast permission MAYST
Head south for the winter MIGRATE
Hearing-related AURAL
Heavenly bodies SPHERES
Hotel amenity SPA
Indian dress SARI
Inducing emotions HITTINGHOME
It’ll grow on you HAIR
Kind of humor or food ETHNIC
Less doubtful SURER
Like a new recruit RAW
Long, steep slope SCARP
Magicians’ props WANDS
Maternally related ENATE
Mechanical window ORIEL
No longer working (Abbr.) RETD
One way to be pale DEATHLY
Opera stars DIVAS
Periodic payments STIPENDS
Poker stakes ANTES
Safe, private places SANCTA
Sand ridges DUNES
Schooling fish that burrows SANDEEL
Shade provider ELM
Sips slowly, as a drink NURSES
Sleeping problem APNEA
Small amount TRACE
Star’s enablers HANDLERS
Stays unsettled PENDS
Strong rating TEN
Tail movement WAG
Takeoffs of a kind SATIRES
Three-up, e.g TIE
Tijuana-to-Santa Fe dir NNE
Untended, as a lawn WEEDY
Uses a coffee machine PERKS
Wild fight MELEE
Word or phrase pioneer COINER
___ celebre CAUSE