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Universal – Dec 4 2018

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Clues Answers
“Candide,” for one OPERETTA
Aborted take-off NOGO
Acclaimed Dadaist ARP
Acquired shade? TAN
Asian capital YEN
Bayonet through STAB
Be a champion for ESPOUSE
Be attentive LISTEN
Biscuity pastry SCONE
Blue blood, briefly ARISTO
Bullfight shout OLE
Certain hardwoods TEAKS
Cookie brand OREO
Crime ___ pay DOESNT
Dexterity EASE
Dinosaur trapper TAR
Dressing holders CRUETS
Dug in ATE
Dutch roaster? OVEN
Evidence of a flame-out? ASH
Extended conversation DISCOURSE
Figure of speech TROPE
Fish with needlelike teeth GAR
Foreign vehicles? UFOS
Free-for-all SETTO
Garden tool HOE
Gentleman? No, no, no CAD
Golfing shout FORE
Half-moon shapes LUNES
Instinctive motives IMPULSES
Junk metal SCRAP
Koko Head is there OAHU
Lament from a too-late angler? FISHYOUWEREHERE
Large migratory fliers GEESE
Leaves in hot water TEA
Like a perfect game NOHIT
Like barely-there tires BALD
Like the brightest teeth WHITEST
Make it to an event ARRIVE
Map book ATLAS
Most quick-to-learn APTEST
Needing kneading? SORE
Novel one can download EBOOK
October stone OPAL
Opera solo ARIA
Parrots or copies APES
Part of a price PER
Placed in a mailbox SENT
Pointed tool AWL
Presque ___, Maine ISLE
Rail pillar BALUSTER
Roth ___ (investment) IRA
Scout uniform parts SASHES
Secret societies MAFIAS
Sharp-nosed shark MAKO
Silver salmon (var.) COHOE
Sometimes-wild cards DEUCES
Statue bottom BASE
Stet U-turn DELE
Swimmer in a platform heel? FISHTHESHOEFITS
Theater designations ROWS
Took the wrong way? STOLE
Trap or puss KISSER
Triton’s domain SEA
Type of school meeting PTA
Visionary person SEER
Watch pocket FOB
What a hopeful halibut will do? FISHUPONASTAR
What to call Lancelot SIR
Witchy one HAG
With no need for a therapist ISSUELESS
Wizard or Bull rival NET
Wrench variety ALLEN
___ Cuarto, Argentina RIO
___ Gatos LOS