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Universal – Dec 5 2018

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Clues Answers
“Cheers” character NORM
“Hold that position!” STICKTOYOURGUNS
“Narc” attachment OTIC
“Ye-c-c-ch!” UGH
A deli bread RYE
Abbr. of continuation ETC
About to freak out TENSE
Accompanying birth NATAL
Art ___ (style) DECO
Barely earning (with “out”) EKING
BC Cygni, for one GIANTSTAR
Blend, with traffic MERGE
Building addition ELL
Celebrate heartily PARTY
Chilling EERIE
Classroom chucklehead DUNCE
Cloth for a spill RAG
Come to, as conclusions REACH
Copy a vicious dog SNARL
Covers with crumbs BREADS
Creative thought IDEA
David ___ Roth LEE
European “boot” ITALY
Facial blemish cause ACNE
First lady EVE
Glass component SILICA
Had avocados ATE
Handed-down stories LORE
Harlow or Stapleton JEAN
Hero plus IDOL
Horrific emperor NERO
Horse’s dad SIRE
IRS calculator? CPA
Island country in Oceania FIJI
It’s game objective? TAG
Laptop director? POINTINGSTICK
Laundry load, typically BASKETFUL
Left one’s feet SAT
Letters for impatient bosses ASAP
Libel, e.g TORT
Like lame threats IDLE
Likely to win races FAST
Mideast Gulf ADEN
Nickel finish? ODEON
No-wind, nautically ALEE
Not drunk SOBER
Not urban RURAL
On a Pacific liner ATSEA
Peanut-farming president CARTER
Phileas Fogg’s creator VERNE
Place for sweaters TRUNK
Pre-Revolution VIPs TSARS
Principally MAINLY
Recovery period REHAB
Santa ___, Ca ANA
Sharper, as a pain KEENER
Short pants? GASPS
Show host EMCEE
Sixth sense ESP
Sleuth TEC
Smeltery byproduct SLAG
Snitching mobster RAT
Spherical hairdo AFRO
Spotted SEEN
Squish down TAMP
Statement of guiding beliefs CREDO
Strange carnival performer GEEK
T.S. of poetry ELIOT
Terrible 71-Across guest STICKINTHEMUD
Tiny matter? ATOM
Title anew RENAME
Treaty of Rome grp. EEC
Twisted yarn LISLE
Uneven, as a shoreline EROSE
Use, as the good china EATON
Wedding cake tier LAYER
Work the helm STEER
Yucky food GLOP