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Universal – February 14 2019

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Clues Answers
“Aida” and “Otello” OPERAS
“Hey Jude” syllables NANANA
“I’ll take that as ___” ANO
“My guess is …” IASSUME
“Rain Man” condition AUTISM
“Waterloo” band ABBA
*Balancing point CENTEROFGRAVITY
*Pen pal’s exhortation WRITEBACK
*Result of oversleeping (read each starred answer as a clue for a single letter!) LATESTART
*Vice president, e.g SECONDINCOMMAND
-ish ORSO
2018 World Cup winner FRANCE
Add color to DYE
Adidas subsidiary REEBOK
Aluminum giant ALCOA
Always-increasing number AGE
Animated shopkeeper APU
Auction actions NODS
Barely makes (out) EKES
Belief system CREDO
Bluffer’s bold words IRAISE
Boxer’s comeback? BARK
Check a box, say OPT
Chem lab substance REAGENT
Cher, voice-wise ALTO
Childish rebuttal DOESSO
Chocolate purchase BAR
Classic clown BOZO
Cleveland’s lake ERIE
Cracker brand RITZ
Crackle companion SNAP
Ctrl and Alt KEYS
Dr. Mom’s specialty TLC
Drunk as a skunk STINKO
Dull routine RUT
Feeling sore ACHING
Former sporty Ford, briefly TBIRD
Geological stretch EON
Gorilla or gibbon APE
Guthrie of folk ARLO
Hanoi’s country, familiarly NAM
Heart on a bicep, say TATTOO
Ice Breakers alternative TICTAC
Inhales, with “down” SCARFS
Like some patches IRONON
Military raid SORTIE
Minor employee COG
Moses’ brother AARON
Muffin type BRAN
Name that anagrams to “Ira” ARI
Nay’s opposite YEA
NYSE debut IPO
Oakland’s Oracle ___ ARENA
On the subject of ASTO
One waving a baton MAESTRO
Patsy profiled in “Sweet Dreams” CLINE
Paved the way? TARRED
Pony up PAY
Q-tip, e.g SWAB
Rescue SAVE
Rose support STEM
Russia’s ___ Mountains URAL
San ___ (town north of Tijuana) YSIDRO
Seized car, informally REPO
Shortage DEARTH
Shrek, for one OGRE
Simplifies EASES
Skewered Thai dish SATAY
Stimpy’s pal REN
Surgeon’s beam LASER
Tech review site CNET
Tree on Lebanon’s flag CEDAR
Very different (from) AFARCRY
Yank until 2016 AROD
___ drop (stage flourish) MIC