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Universal – February 18 2019

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Clues Answers
“Beowulf” beverage MEAD
“Don’t think so” UHUH
“Garfield” dog ODIE
“Wheel of Fortune” motion SPIN
“___ Brockovich” ERIN
(Not my error) SIC
Adam’s grandson ENOS
Admissions office figure DEAN
All alternative NONE
Baby bird sound CHEEP
Beer barrels KEGS
Brandish WIELD
Business school subj ECON
Candidates’ TV purchases SPOTADS
Celebrations attended by Behar and Reid? JOYFULOCCASIONS
Cincinnati MLB squad REDS
Clutter MESS
Collar inserts STAYS
College email ender EDU
Condo, e.g UNIT
Coop group HENS
D and C, in D.C STREETS
Documentary, for one FILM
Dog walker’s command HEEL
False god IDOL
Great time BLAST
H. G. Wells race ELOI
Highest point ACME
Inattention perpetrated by Rogers and Smith? WILLFULNEGLECT
Invisible UNSEEN
It sounds like “you” LONGU
Kind of basin or wave TIDAL
Large hammers SLEDGES
League members TEAMS
Leers at OGLES
Like “The X-Files” EERIE
Magazine issue with no mention of Ginsburg and Westheimer? RUTHLESSPEOPLE
Manicure focuses NAILS
Minor faults FOIBLES
Movie that bombed after Lange and Davis backed out? HOPELESSFAILURE
Muslim pilgrim HAJI
Naked NUDE
Oolong holders TEABAGS
Parenthesis shape ARC
Philly Ivy PENN
Pilots’ mil. branch USAF
Put one’s foot down INSIST
Remedy CURE
Salsa or guacamole DIP
Sat for a photo shoot MODELED
Simple dog command SIT
Sing loudly BELTOUT
Snitched TOLD
Soccer guard spot SHIN
Solo by Verdi ARIA
Sometimes-free soda servings REFILLS
Stale report OLDNEWS
Starbucks size TALL
Summer zodiac sign LEO
Sunday school stack BIBLES
Thailand neighbor LAOS
Try, as a case HEAR
Vegetarian meal brand AMYS
Violent storm TEMPEST
Watered-down WEAK
Window base SILL
Wing it? FLY
Work boot tip TOECAP
___ LINE
___ Arbor ANN
___ tube (river float) INNER
___ urchin SEA