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Universal – February 25 2019

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Clues Answers
“Comprende?” SEE
“Cut it out!” STOP
“Easy” letter trio ABC
“Green Eggs and Ham” nickname SAMIAM
“The Terminator” heroine Sarah CONNOR
“Victory is ours!” WEWIN
Angel’s glow HALO
Annexes ADDS
Annoying faucet sound DRIP
Any thing ITEM
Ariana Grande’s “God Is a ___” WOMAN
Assistance AID
Backstabber RAT
Ballpoint filler INK
Bed board SLAT
Belly buttons NAVELS
Bring ___ own beer YOUR
Buffoon OAF
C, Ar, B, O or N ATOM
Call ___ question INTO
Camp beds COTS
Canola ___ OIL
Caramel-filled candies ROLOS
Chanel of fashion COCO
Chihuahua boy NINO
Comedian Jerry SEINFELD
Cost of living? RENT
Country singer Black CLINT
Crash site? SOFA
Dentist’s direction RINSE
Districts AREAS
En route guess, briefly ETA
Erik Killmonger, to Black Panther FOE
Fancy neckwear ASCOT
Fawning flattery SMARM
Firstborn OLDEST
Fluffy neckwear BOA
Foursome TETRAD
Gave a speech ORATED
Giants great Mel OTT
Grandmaster, e.g PRO
Green car that’s often blue PRIUS
In doubt IFFY
It really bites FROST
Jazz bit RIFF
Jewish mysticism (var.) CABALA
Kind of city election MAYORAL
Late bedtime ONEAM
Nancy Reagan’s husband RONALD
Napoleon book ANIMALFARM
Napoleon conflict BATTLEOFTHENILE
Napoleon seller PATISSERIE
Nightclub party RAVE
Of a heart chamber ATRIAL
Opera villain’s voice, often BASSO
Pageant crown TIARA
Pay a visit CALLON
Primitive shelters LEANTOS
Raggedy Andy’s sister ANN
Remove, as a branch SAWOFF
Run off to marry ELOPE
Shows to a seat USHERS
Small Tide holder POD
Smooth fabrics SATINS
Standards CRITERIA
Suit well BEFIT
Temporary car LOANER
Tennis ace Naomi OSAKA
Underground chamber CRYPT
West Virginia neighbor OHIO
X, to Xanthippe CHI