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Universal – Jan 1 2019

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Clues Answers
“Atonement” author McEwan IAN
“Dish!” DOTELL
“Don’t bother” NONEED
“Heavy” music genre METAL
“Jump” band VANHALEN
“Modern Family” actress Winter ARIEL
“Now, nurse!” STAT
“Obviously!” DUH
“Very funny” HAHA
Actress Swanson GLORIA
An emcee might introduce her as “1970 National Book Award winner for ‘them'” JOYCECAROLOATES
An emcee might introduce her as “2015 WNBA MVP” ELENADELLEDONNE
An emcee might introduce him as “2007 Golden Globe winner for ‘Borat'” SACHABARONCOHEN
Ancestral tales LORE
Anjou alternative BOSC
Bad dog to pet BITER
Becomes less intense ABATES
Black-clad teen, stereotypically GOTH
Bogus SHAM
Break out the Crayolas COLOR
British “Ciao!” TATA
Bygone Canadian “SNL” rival SCTV
Certain paintings OILS
Citrus drink suffix ADE
Common lab animal RAT
Derby entrants HORSES
Emcee’s notes holder that would be apt for 17-, 26- and 42-Across, given their names’ lengths? THREEBYFIVECARD
Ex-Senate Minority Leader Trent LOTT
Falls behind LAGS
Flexible blackjack cards ACES
Florence river ARNO
Gain by merit EARN
Glance LOOK
High hairstyle AFRO
Home run hitter’s pace TROT
However, in texts THO
Iditarod city NOME
It has rails and ties TRAINTRACK
Johnnie Walker blend REDLABEL
Kavner of “The Simpsons” JULIE
L.A.’s location SOCAL
Layers in a coop HENS
Lazy way to stand by IDLY
Like a rare steak PINK
Like bagels that are put away? EATEN
Like bagels that aren’t put away STALE
Loves to bits ADORES
Manhattan-based fashion label DKNY
Many August babies LEOS
Mtn. meas ELEV
Muffin variety BRAN
Nativity setting MANGER
NBA legend Ming YAO
NBA legend Shaquille ONEAL
Norse thunder god played THOR
One who makes an impression? APER
Orange coat? RIND
Painter Salvador DALI
Pale yellow, like corn MAIZE
Parks of civil rights fame ROSA
Pepsi, to Coke RIVAL
Poe’s “ungainly fowl” RAVEN
Poem part STANZA
Poppy drug OPIUM
Popular food fish COD
Popular tablet IPAD
Seedling, someday TREE
Set foot (on) TROD
Solo homer stat RBI
Sounds of delight OOHS
Sweep ___ the rug UNDER
Tender loving ___ CARE
Top-shelf AONE