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Universal – January 14 2019

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Clues Answers
“Delta of Venus” author Nin ANAIS
“Yikes!” OHNO
“___ Diaries” (middle-school series) DORK
“___ I lie?” WOULD
“___ the night before …” TWAS
Agenda of life goals BUCKETLIST
Alabama march site SELMA
Aloof ICY
Anthropologist Fossey DIAN
Aquatic mammal OTTER
Architect I.M PEI
Arizona neighbor UTAH
Autograph seeker FAN
Beavers’ blockades DAMS
Bleed in the wash RUN
Blender brand OSTER
Bloodhound’s favorite tune? SCENTINGSONG
Bronzeness from fieldwork FARMERSTAN
Brown buildings? DORMS
Bumbling sort OAF
Cameo stone ONYX
Capital of Jordan AMMAN
Chopin composition ETUDE
D.C. bigwig SEN
Don’t NONO
Elbows on the table? MACNCHEESE
Emperor after Galba OTHO
Fabled fliers ROCS
Finishing off a French test? ACCENTINGANEXAM
Foolhardy RASH
Four-letter words OATHS
Harry Potter’s mark SCAR
Houston, in rap slang HTOWN
http:// address URL
Identical ___ TWIN
Impulses URGES
Inn drinks ALES
Intro to physics? META
Ivory Soap co PANDG
Kind of panel SOLAR
Kournikova of tennis ANNA
Landlocked Asian land LAOS
Lecher’s look OGLE
Makeshift cat dish TUNACAN
Mall map message YOUAREHERE
Maya Angelou, for one POET
Mickey’s canine pal GOOFY
Mud wrap site SPA
Nancy, e.g., in Nancy NOM
Narrow streets LANES
New Deal prez FDR
NYC subway inits MTA
Olin of “Chocolat” LENA
Part of a litter PUP
Pod legume PEA
Poker variety STUD
Premium channel, briefly SHO
Prior to, poetically ERE
Publicity, slangily INK
Regret RUE
Speckled horse ROAN
Superman foe Luthor LEX
Teachers’ org NEA
The color of honey AMBER
Tiny Pacific nation NAURU
Tolkien ring bearer SMEAGOL
Truth or ___ DARE
Tweeter’s “Then again …” OTOH
Useless to a sommelier? NOTWORTHARED
Venue for the take-one-leave-one jar of this puzzle’s theme CHECKOUTCOUNTER
Violate a peace treaty REARM
Walk in water WADE
Where injured astronauts are treated? SPACEER
___ prof ASST
___ to capacity FILL