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Universal – January 20 2019

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Clues Answers
“Dancing Queen” band ABBA
“Frozen” princess ANNA
“I had no idea!” NEWSTOME
“I’m ___ your tricks!” ONTO
“Later,” in 33-Across TATA
“Mamma ___!” MIA
“Money ___ everything” ISNT
“Wall Street” character Gordon GEKKO
*”That’s more like it!” NOWYOURETALKING
*Common reasons for sneezin’ PETALLERGIES
*Find agreeable GETALONGWITH
*It balances risk and reward ASSETALLOCATION
Abel’s brother CAIN
Actress Remini LEAH
Apt end for this puzzle’s list of starred entries ETAL
Axle coating GREASE
Bad smell ODOR
Barely gets by, with “out” EKES
Buffalo NFL team BILLS
Caustic cleaners LYES
Christmas season NOEL
Clubgoers’ needs, briefly IDS
Cry at home? OUT
Ctrl+Z, on a PC UNDO
Declares AVERS
Defeated in chess MATED
Eye creepily OGLE
Filmmaker Michael MOORE
Gallic goodbye ADIEU
Golf shop giveaways TEES
Greek salad veggie CUKE
Green energy type SOLAR
Health insurance giant AETNA
Honshu port OSAKA
Hushed “Hey!” PSST
Ice Cube’s favorite utensil? TONGS
Iditarod coats PARKAS
It’s a glow AURA
It’s often heard in elevators MUZAK
Kidney-related RENAL
Killed, as a dragon SLAIN
Least mean NICEST
Lingerie shade BEIGE
Low female voice ALTO
Miss Doolittle ELIZA
Narrow winning margin NOSE
Necklaces worn with grass skirts LEIS
Nights of anticipation EVES
Nothing, slangily NIL
NutriBullet competitor OSTER
Org. that awaits your return IRS
Other, to Alejandra OTRA
Pond flower LILY
Road curve shape ESS
Scammer’s ideal target EASYMARK
Seattle forecast, often RAIN
Smell bad STINK, REEK
So far ASYET
Sows’ sounds OINKS
Spa supplies OILS
Still competing INIT
Swim team’s event MEET
Taj Mahal site AGRA
Truth alternative DARE
Turkey or ham MEAT
Use a peeler PARE
Wallower’s spot MIRE
Wasn’t oblivious KNEW
West Yorkshire city LEEDS
What gives you pause? COMMA
Wide missing margin MILE
Words of denial NOTI
___ Friday (office tradition) CASUAL
___ of March IDES