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Universal – January 21 2019

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Clues Answers
“I beg of you …” PLEASE
“Should that prove true …” IFSO
“Steppenwolf” author HESSE
“You’ve got mail” company AOL
*Corner square in Monopoly FREEPARKING
*Digit’s worth PLACEVALUE
*Fairy tale creature transformed by a kiss FROGPRINCE
*Secondary wager SIDEBET
Accra’s country GHANA
All together ENMASSE
Baring it all NAKED
Basketball basket HOOP
Beginner’s supposed advantage LUCK
Being pursued, as a fugitive ATLARGE
Bernie Sanders’ title: Abbr SEN
Big rig SEMI
Copacabana city, informally RIO
Crowdfunding site, and a hint to the starred entries’ first words KICKSTARTER
Dairy Queen choice CONE
Deduce INFER
Depart the stage EXIT
Dinner dishes PLATES
Eeyore’s creator MILNE
Enthusiastic KEEN
FBI biopic “J. ___” EDGAR
Fencing sword EPEE
Festive celebration GALA
Flippers FINS
Former word for “formerly” ERST
General pattern TREND
Green growth in a pool ALGAE
Hairy primate APE
Hall of Famer Gehrig LOU
Have a chat TALK
Hollywood patrol force, briefly LAPD
Landscaping roll SOD
Leftover bit for Fido SCRAP
Like fuzzy food in the fridge MOLDY
Look at wolfishly LEER
Made sleepy LULLED
Moscow complex KREMLIN
Musical compositions PIECES
Negative aspect CON
New England Patriots’ org NFL
Overly thin, as soup WATERY
Pakistan neighbor IRAN
Part of a parcel ACRE
Pest control target TERMITE
Plaza Hotel girl ELOISE
Plentiful AMPLE
Presage BODE
President who was later chief justice TAFT
Psychological harm TRAUMA
River to Hades STYX
Rockies roamer ELK
Sailors’ mops SWABS
Savory gelatin dishes ASPICS
Sch. booster group PTA
Set of tools, say KIT
Snake eyes sum TWO
Snake’s secretion VENOM
Spots for dumbbells GYMS
Stomach-flattening exercise SITUP
Straitlaced PRIM
Tackle box items LURES
Taiwanese computer company ACER
Take the cake, e.g IDIOM
Took part in the Daytona 500 RACED
Transport freight HAUL
Triceratops, e.g., briefly DINO
Unusual ODD
Verdi opera set in Egypt AIDA
Will Smith’s role in a boxer biopic ALI
Wished for WANTED
Wranglers alternatives LEES
___ de la Cite ILE
___ Four (Beatles) FAB