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Universal – January 25 2019

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Clues Answers
“Just wait” BEPATIENT
“Roots” novelist HALEY
“The Alienist” novelist Carr CALEB
“The Goddess of Pop” CHER
“Thor” actor Elba IDRIS
“Zip-a-___-Doo-Dah” DEE
2017 TIME honorees … or 16-, 23-, 36- and 46-Across, based on letters that bookend them? SILENCEBREAKERS
Actor Cage, to fans NIC
Alcohol type in antiknock ETHYL
All-Star starting pitcher ACE
Alternative to Budget ALAMO
Bad golf shot SLICE
Base-clearing hit, informally HOMER
Basic dog command SIT
Blogger’s “I think …” IMHO
Blue Ribbon brewer PABST
Brings to a close ENDS
Busch Stadium cap letters STL
Butterfly catcher NET
Cheerleaders’ skirts, often MINIS
Close, as a family TIGHTKNIT
Concave belly button INNIE
Cook known for his Apples TIM
Corp. honcho CEO
Country singer Judd NAOMI
Desktop computer choice IMAC
Device that responds to “Alexa” ECHO
Diamond Head’s island OAHU
Drab shade OLIVE
Drone or queen BEE
Dynamic group DUO
Examined before a heist CASED
Far from tidy MESSY
First woman to run a major TV studio LUCILLEBALL
For all time EVER
Fully stretched TAUT
Gets on in years AGES
Ghostly pale ASHEN
Great happiness GLEE
High-___ monitor RES
Kansas City cuisine, briefly BBQ
Kermit’s greeting HIHO
Lack of hassle EASE
Mensa figs IQS
Midwife’s assistant DOULA
Milk measures: Abbr QTS
Moral guideline ETHIC
Motley ___ CRUE
Mountain drive hazard FOG
Navy’s horned mascot GOAT
Out of bed ASTIR
Patella’s place KNEE
Physicians’ org AMA
Piercing places EARS
Polygon part SIDE
Precious bar INGOT
Privy to INON
Ranch units ACRES
Rapa ___ (Easter Island) NUI
Restless ANTSY
Salty margarita glass part RIM
Slug’s trail SLIME
Snatches GRABS
Sneaker string LACE
Society newbie DEB
Springfield tavern owner MOE
Stand in a studio EASEL
Teenage infatuation HIGHSCHOOLCRUSH
Thin phone cover SKIN
Tilts a bit LEANS
Totally infatuated GAGA
Triple play trio OUTS
Tropical beach tree COCONUTPALM
Vichyssoise vegetable LEEK
___ and dreams HOPES
___ de toilette EAU