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Universal – January 28 2019

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Clues Answers
“… ___ lack thereof” ORA
“13th” director DuVernay AVA
“For ___ a jolly …” HES
“Golly gee” GOSH
“Isle of Dogs” director Anderson WES
“Real Housewives” action DRAMA
“The Simpsons” shopkeeper APU
“___ Haw” HEE
1960 Hitchcock thriller PSYCHO
Bone by the fibula TIBIA
Certain SURE
Choose OPT
Cramming, perhaps UPLATE
Cruise amenity SPA
Cuban cigar brand COHIBA
Custard apple’s relative SOURSOP
Declare confidently AVER
Drunkard SOT
Ear doctor’s tool OTOSCOPE
EMT’s specialty CPR
Eurydice’s lover ORPHEUS
Gilligan’s vessel SSMINNOW
Greek T TAU
It sets in the west SUN
It’s a virtue PATIENCE
Joins, as hands CLASPS
Jordan ruins site PETRA
Juice measure? VOLTAGE
Just fine AOK
Lacking iron ANEMIC
Layered pasta dishes LASAGNAS
Leaves in a book: Abbr PGS
Less active IDLER
Light splitter PRISM
Lion-colored TAWNY
Loss leader? ELL
Makes mistakes ERRS
Move to another row, say RESEAT
No longer in PASSE
Pi follower RHO
Prefix with “compliant” NON
President Grant ULYSSES
Rainy WET
Real downer DRAG
Separates … or what the block in row 3, 5, 11, or 13 does? SPLITSAPART
Short albums, for short EPS
Sign into law ENACT
Sing like Cardi B RAP
Space between GAP
Strange ODD
Supposed breakup, e.g RUMOR
Tesla, for one CAR
Texas panhandle city AMARILLO
The “N” in TNT NITRO
The decimal system BASETEN
Therefore HENCE
Thrift store charity GOODWILL
Throw at TOSSTO
TOEFL prep course ESL
Took off to wed ELOPED
Traveled with a guide TOURED
Tunisia neighbor: Abbr ALG
Washington’s bill ONE
Water pitchers EWERS
Went longer than scheduled RANOVER
When many solve crosswords SPARETIME
Words of encouragement YOUGOGIRL
www address URL
Yang’s complement YIN
Yellow or chocolate dog, briefly LAB
___ Kettering Institute SLOAN
___ system (bones, etc.) SKELETAL
___ the line TOE