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Universal – January 6 2019

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Clues Answers
“Frozen” queen ELSA
“Neither fish ___ fowl” NOR
“Paper or plastic?” item BAG
“Shameless” channel, for short SHO
“What ___ can I say?” ELSE
90 percent, say MOST
Actress Tyler LIV
Aid for all-nighters NODOZ
Animal house MENAGERIE
Animator Tex AVERY
Attack online FLAME
Badminton court divider NET
Battery terminal ANODE
Bill Murray’s “Ghostbusters” co-star DANAYKROYD
BLT condiment MAYO
Boxes on a time sheet DAYS
Budapest’s river DANUBE
Capital southwest of Muscat, Oman SANAAYEMEN
Causing more trouble ATITAGAIN
Celebrity chef Garten INA
Clinches, as a win ICES
Coastal eagle ERN
Copenhagen resident DANE
Cuba, por ejemplo ISLA
Do some lengthy storytelling SPINAYARN
Doggie doc VET
Droop SAG
Family rec center YMCA
Fish ladder locale DAM
Foot care brand DRSCHOLLS
Fortune cookie sayings, often ADAGES
Fruits in a bunch BANANAS
Gal of “Wonder Woman” GADOT
Give another shot REDO
Holders of spirits FLASKS
JibJab greeting ECARD
Keats offering ODE
Kuala Lumpur native MALAY
Language suffix ESE
Late, as a library book OVERDUE
Like antiques OLD
Make a mistake ERR
Mary Poppins’ spoonful SUGAR
Masters study subject? SEX
Midafternoon, on a sundial III
Mountain pose, e.g., in yoga ASANA
Not yet decided (Abbr.) TBA
O’Connor successor ALITO
Online auction site EBAY
Out of sorts ILL
Petulant mood SNIT
Pie chart piece SECTOR
Poe’s middle ALLAN
Prepare for a competition TRAIN
Prepared a hook BAITED
Pulled up a stool SAT
Purple flower LILAC
Reason for a safe call LATETAG
Reduced to rubble RAZED
Resting on ATOP
Road crew’s supply TAR
Scoped out EYED
See 38-Across VOTES
Self-congratulatory shout IRULE
Sleep clinic concern APNEA
Syrup source MAPLE
Teensy amount IOTA
Tenn. athlete VOL
Test that involves a lot of writing ESSAYEXAM
That, to Juan ESO
Troop entertainment grp USO
Vending machine bills ONES
Virgil masterpiece AENEID
Walgreens rival CVS
Walled Spanish city AVILA
With 41-Across, causes of hung juries … and a hint to what’s hidden in 17-, 25-, 51-, and 64-Across SPLIT