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Universal – January 7 2019

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Clues Answers
“Baloney!” ROT
“Highway to Hell” band ACDC
“My lips ___ sealed” ARE
“The Godfather” Corleone VITO
“The X-Files” org FBI
“Well said, preacher” AMEN
Arrange for SEETO
Bad deal RIPOFF
Ball club? BAT
Bay Area law force, briefly SFPD
Before, in poetry ERE
Bring to tears MOVE
Calvin’s tiger HOBBES
Cause of nightmares? SLEEPFRIGHT
Chimpanzee, e.g APE
College brotherhood of drummers? RATATATFRAT
Colorful colony inhabitants REDANTS
Computer storage letters ROM
Crop up ARISE
Crunch targets ABS
Deadly Egyptian snake ASP
Deleted scene BLOOPER
Dispatched SENT
Doc’s org AMA
Entree with a crust POTPIE
Essen’s river RUHR
Familiarize (oneself) ORIENT
Fine-tunes TWEAKS
Frequent companion of Q, in Scrabble UTILE
Friend of Ren STIMPY
From square one AFRESH
Ft. above sea level ELEV
Goes ballistic HASFITS
Gregory Peck’s “Moby Dick” role AHAB
Guitarists’ push in a battle of the bands? FRETOFFENSIVE
Handle on the range? TEX
Havana residue ASH
Heaven’s gatekeeper STPETER
Hedonists sow wild ones OATS
Highest draft status ONEA
Hold back, with “in” REIN
La ___ Tar Pits BREA
Makes sense ADDSUP
Many a Rembrandt OIL
Mayberry letters RFD
Message with an emoji, maybe TEXT
Mice and lice VERMIN
Minerals such as cinnabar ORES
Miss the mark ERR
MLB scores HRS
Mortgage org FHA
Night sch. offering ESL
No couch potato DOER
Nonvulgar swearing VOW
Off the hook FREE
Parks of Montgomery ROSA
Part of an agenda ITEM
Retired Nevada senator Harry REID
Retiring SHY
River, to Rivera RIO
School member, in the ocean FISH
See 26-Across OFTHESHREW
Settled a debt PAID
Snob descriptor EFFETE
Spelling contest BEE
Sturgeon stuff ROE
Take way more than one’s share of HOG
Treats unfairly WRONGS
Treble, alto or bass CLEF
Tribute with friendly insults ROAST
Unwelcome end KIBOSH
With 50-Across, setting up a Shakespearean woman? THEFRAMING
Working hard ATIT
Your of yore THY
___ d’Ivoire (Ghana neighbor) COTE
___ Dan (“Reelin’ In the Years” rock group) STEELY
___ ex machina DEUS