Universal – Jul 1 2018

Clues Answers
“Corrupt” attachment IBLE
“Do you like cupcakes?” YES
“I’ll have ___” ANOTHER
“Is that a ___?” FACT
“Magnum Force” and “Sudden Impact,” for two DIRTYHARRYFILMS
“The best is ___ to come” YET
A-list font size? ELITE
Act grandmotherly DOTE
Admiral’s position? REAR
Adorable one CUTIE
Baby’s first word? DADA
Bones used in swiveling ILIA
Bribe-taking legislator DIRTYPOLITICIAN
Comics canine OTTO
Conquistador’s foe INCA
Cow for the wealthy? CASH
Curtain material SCRIM
Depression DENT
Diplomat’s stock-in-trade TACT
Disrespect and how TREATEDLIKEDIRT
Doddering ANILE
Druggie’s buster NARC
Dug in ATE
Eccentric ones ODDBALLS
Faucet malfunction DRIP
Garfield followed him HAYES
Gate catch HASP
Geneticist’s letters RNA
Getaway drivers, e.g ABETTORS
Glade target ODOR
Glimmer of color TINGE
Goings-on, old-style ADO
Hat rack projection PEG
Heathen PAGAN
Heats water BOILS
Hebrew or Arabic, e.g SEMITIC
Helps at the checkout BAGS
Hummus bread PITA
Clues Answers
Hunting cry HALLO
Initial poker chip ANTE
Italian volcano ETNA
Jitters and edginess UNEASE
Kind of queen PROM
Landing estimates ETAS
Legendary LaBelle PATTI
Lighter in the face PALER
Luxurious refinement ELEGANCE
Make up for ATONE
Makes a choice OPTS
Mild oath DRAT
Native American-related TRIBAL
Nautical direction ALEE
Needing a parka COLD
Not needing a commitment? SANE
Not quite right OFF
Nugent and Danson TEDS
Old “SNL” star Carvey DANA
Old-style ant EMMET
One of TV’s Cartwrights ADAM
Opposin’ AGIN
Papas’ counterparts MAMAS
Picture surrounder FRAME
Private getaway ISLET
Program of miscellanea OLIO
Put away for later STORE
Roasting rods SPITS
Sci-fi Solo HAN
Smart-dressing dude FOP
Soda fountain choice COLA
Suffixes with “East” ERNS
Take in “Black Panther” again RESEE
They’re sponsored ADS
Trinity or threesome TRIAD
U-turn from seeks HIDES

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