Universal – Jul 10 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Caught you!” AHA
“Ditto” SAME
“That finally makes sense!” (letters 3-5) NOWIGETIT
Absolutely sweltering (In this clue’s answer, note letters 5-10) HOTASHADES
Acknowledge silently NODTO
Actor Channing TATUM
Adele, vocally ALTO
African country whose national dish is fufu GHANA
Alternative to the candy Dweebs, once NERDS
Animal house? ZOO
Animated queen born on the winter solstice ELSA
Aphrodite’s lover ARES
Basketball rim HOOP
Bring out ELICIT
Bug repeatedly NAG
Button for an email draft SEND
Consume EAT
Credit alternative DEBIT
Crunchy snacks served with baba ghanoush PITACHIPS
Diminutive Spanish suffix ITO
Eldest Musketeer ATHOS
Establish with evidence PROVE
Fill completely SATE
Freudian ___ SLIP
Full of anticipation GIDDY
Get older AGE
Give a warm welcome GREET
Hardly anticipate DREAD
Help AID
High-fat diet KETO
Hot shot? ESPRESSO
Insta post PIC
Intro to a hot take over text IMO
iPhone program APP
Just managed, with “out” EKED
Kathryn of “Transparent” HAHN
Leia’s husband HAN
Like challah dough before braiding RISEN
Like one wearing the items aptly hidden in 17-, 26-, 40- and 52-Across UNDERCOVER
Like some chardonnays OAKY
Lose steam TIRE
Measure of gold purity KARAT
National dish of Vietnam PHO
Not futile (letters 5-7) WORTHATRY
Nutrition fig RDA
NYC or London neighborhood SOHO
Once more AGAIN
Pathfinder in a Pathfinder: Abbr GPS
Pizza slices? RADII
Poke bowl protein AHI
Post office patron or purchase MAILER
Presidential office shape OVAL
Printer ink color CYAN
Purple heart, e.g., in a text EMOJI
Rapper ___ Mama LIL
Recitation at a medical school graduation (letters 11-14) HIPPOCRATICOATH
Relaxing water park ride LAZYRIVER
Scott in an 1857 case DRED
Sealy competitor SERTA
Skateboard trick OLLIE
Small issue NIT
Small issue? PROB
Souvenir for someone else POSTCARD
Splinter groups SECTS
Squander WASTE
Suffix for “lemon” ADE
Swim-bike-run event, for short TRI
They’re never low HIGHS
Tiered Chinese tower PAGODA
Triangular road sign YIELD
Up and about ASTIR
Wharf relative PIER
Wong of “Tuca & Bertie” ALI
___ P. Henson of “Hidden Figures” TARAJI

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