Universal – Jul 11 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Come again?” WHAT
“It ___ meant to be” WASNT
“Pipe down!” SHH
“Relax, Marine” ATEASE
“Understood” ISEE
“___ fair in love and war” ALLS
’20s-’30s design style, for short DECO
African river to the Mediterranean NILE
Apples and oranges FRUIT
Apportion ALLOT
Athens’ location GEORGIA
Boatloads SLEWS
Casual attempts STABS
Central point MIDST
Channel that covers the Hill CSPAN
Color, as an Easter egg DYE
Crafty site ETSY
Crave WANT
Creepy-sounding lake ERIE
Cribbage piece PEG
Dedicated poems ODES
Diva’s solo ARIA
Don’t have to guess KNOW
Downward dog, e.g ASANA
Drain SAP
Follow closely TAIL
GPS screen display MAP
Hawkeye State IOWA
IDs for wildlife EARTAGS
Imaginary theater boundary FOURTHWALL
Infant garment ONESIE
Instrument on a Guinness bottle HARP
Invisible limit of a sense SOUNDBARRIER
It’s smaller than a city TOWN
Jazz great Jones ETTA
Kit ___ KAT
Lawyers’ favorite charges? FEES
Like a tie score EVEN
Like an 1856 Flying Eagle cent RARE
Likely time to see a 35-Across NIGHT
Make amends ATONE
Make, as money EARN
Navajo dwelling HOGAN
No rookie PRO
Not in favor of AGAINST
One might excel at using Excel ANALYST
Other, in Spanish OTRA
Paper about symbolism in “Hamlet,” e.g ESSAY
Part of rpm PER
Pearl Harbor’s spot OAHU
Place for valuables SAFE
Poker giveaways TELLS
Precious treasures GEMS
Prepared to be knighted KNELT
Professional advancement hurdle GLASSCEILING
R&B singer Baker ANITA
Religious recitations PRAYERS
Ritchie Valens classic LABAMBA
Ruckuses ADOS
Second avenue on a Monopoly board BALTIC
Seydoux of “The French Dispatch” LEA
Shady tree ELM
Show that gave rise to “Coneheads,” briefly SNL
Slacks material CHINO
Small criticism NIT
Something you can’t pay for FREEBIE
Stores’ industry RETAIL
Tenor Bocelli ANDREA
Texter’s “Oh, additionally …” BTW
Things to handle with care, or what 17-, 27- and 45-Across are BREAKABLES
Toast at a bar mitzvah LCHAIM
Try to deal (with) WRESTLE
Typical PSAT taker TEEN
Up to now SOFAR
Vampire in flying form BAT
Winner of a 2021 military football game NAVY
Zilch NADA
___ firma TERRA

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