Universal – Jul 13 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“I’ve ___ there …” BEEN
“Such is ___” LIFE
“The Sweetest Taboo” singer SADE
“___ to the Mets” (Strokes song with a poetic title) ODE
Base of modern society? TEN
Be a poor confidant BLAB
Believer in a higher power THEIST
Bench that may hold Bibles PEW
Beyond that ELSE
Bits of caviar EGGS
Body Snatchers, e.g., briefly ETS
Boxer Laila ALI
Certain java (Letters 4-8) POUROVERCOFFEE
Chopping weapon: Var AXE
Cliffside home AERIE
Congressional staffer AIDE
Costa ___ (Panamanian’s neighbor) RICAN
Cronus or Atlas, e.g TITAN
Cry of victory IWIN
Cupid’s counterpart EROS
Director Sam RAIMI
Do a trucker’s job DRIVE
Donald Glover voiced him in 2019’s “The Lion King” SIMBA
Drawer alternative SHELF
Duck variety EIDER
Expense FEE
Fender ding DENT
Get, as a concept SEE
Godsend BOON
Greta Thunberg, nationality-wise SWEDE
Have debt OWE
Hen home COOP
Hot temper IRE
Huffed and puffed BLEW
Kunal’s role in “The Big Bang Theory” RAJ
Lashes grow on it EYELID
Leave, as a lover JILT
Let know NOTIFY
Like a joke about jokes META
Like lime juice ACIDIC
Little devil IMP
Meriting VIP treatment ELITE
Messes up ERRS
Mildew’s smell, for one ODOR
Nebraska city on the Missouri OMAHA
Nevertheless, in texts THO
Nun’s relative? MONK
Nurse a drink SIP
Obnoxious people JERKS
One-dimensional LINEAR
Preschool refreshers NAPS
Recuperate HEAL
Return from Osaka, say? LOB
Rounded roof DOME
Runny cheese BRIE
Scheming group CABAL
Solo such as “Musetta’s Waltz” ARIA
Some feta sources EWES
Sorrow WOE
Spoiled BAD
Start of a fatalistic saying (In this answer, note letters 8-11) DARNEDIFIDO
Surmise INFER
Swamp plant REED
Takes to court SUES
Tallboy beer can’s capacity PINT
Tells off SCOLDS
Thompson of “Thor: Ragnarok” TESSA
Train trip RIDE
Trivial Pursuit response ANSWER
Type of ray or blocker BETA
Unqualified pro (Letters 8-10) ARMCHAIREXPERT
Untruth LIE
Vaccine, informally JAB
Vinegar accompaniment OIL
Word after “tag” or “run” ALONG
WPM part PER
Yoga pose demonstrated three times in this puzzle? DOWNWARDDOG
___ hand (advantage) UPPER

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