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Universal – Jul 14 2018

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Clues Answers
“Classic” start NEO
“Cynic” and “capital” endings ISMS
“Uncle!” ENOUGH
“William Tell” setting URI
“___ Scissorhands” EDWARD
“___ went thataway” THEY
32-card game SKAT
Acute anxieties ANGSTS
Baby’s bed CRIB
Bad roommate SNORER
Bear up under ENDURE
Bison have them MANES
Blinkers with no bulbs EYES
Burial place TOMB
Burst of emotion SPASM
Button that silences MUTE
Cancel, legally REPEAL
Chipmunk or gerbil, e.g RODENT
Classic novel (with “The”) CATCHERINTHERYE
Common newt EFT
Creamy shade ECRU
Cuckoo in “mechanic” ANI
Deep reddish purple PUCE
Detach, as from a lapel UNPIN
Dips in liquid SOPS
Dir. in “awakened” ENE
Distant, as relations ICY
Ecclesiastical group SYNOD
Emulates doves COOS
Evaluate TEST
Fix, as one’s laces RETIE
Flower part SEPAL
French farewells ADIEUX
Got on in years AGED
Great diving score TEN
He wove flax into gold RUMPELSTILTSKIN
Hour for tea FOUR
Idaho output SPUD
In the near future ANON
Clues Answers
Iowa city AMES
Ireland, quaintly EIRE
Island food staple TARO
It gets bald from driving TREAD
Just on shelves NEW
Kids of Japanese immigrants NISEI
Kind of lily ARUM
Literary prefaces PROEMS
Low-volume talk MURMUR
Main order ENTREE
Major network CBS
Maritime eagle ERNE
Mic enhancers AMPS
Midsection WAIST
Muslim pilgrimage site MECCA
Narrow land strips ISTHMI
Nasal cavity SINUS
Navigational hazard SHOAL
Night, in verse EEN
Not rural URBAN
Orpheus, for one LYRIST
Party to INON
Peeve MIFF
Punch target CHIN
Saw-billed duck SMEW
Soccer score GOAL
Strip of rifles UNARM
Take up space EXIST
That is, in Latin IDEST
The 1 percent, e.g ELITE
Thing to cross STREET
Too-nosy one PRIER
Vicinity AREA
Voluminous hairstyle AFRO
Way-old verb suffix ETH
___ a one (none) NARY
___ Carta MAGNA