Universal – Jul 14 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Ha, ri-i-ight” IBET
“Happiness” director Solondz TODD
“I couldn’t care ___” LESS
“Little red” fowl HEN
“So pretty!” OOH
“The Bluest Eye” writer Morrison TONI
(I’m so-o-o bored) YAWN
Actor Jovan of “Watchmen” ADEPO
Always sticking by LOYALTO
Apt-sounding name for a brooder? STU
Brainstorm goal IDEA
Brief message NOTE
Brooding rock genre EMO
Burrito’s wrap TORTILLA
Calm period LULL
Charitable giving ALMS
Chat about feathers vs. foam? PILLOWTALK
Chicago mayor Lightfoot LORI
Clarke of “Game of Thrones” EMILIA
Comes into one’s own BLOOMS
Common game show prize CAR
Cosmetics brand MAC
Cringeworthy AWKWARD
Curds’ accompaniment WHEY
Dab with a napkin BLOT
Deer sacred to many tribal nations ELK
Dinner rolls? SUSHI
Drink sample SIP
EMT’s specialty CPR
Every last bit ALL
Expected DUE
Facebook reaction with a teardrop SAD
Falsehoods about quilts? SPREADLIES
First affordable automobile, many say MODELT
First roomie, maybe SIS
Garlicky mayo AIOLI
Is for you? ARE
Japanese dog AKITA
Libraries’ storage areas STACKS
Long parts of guitars NECKS
Made do GOTBY
Make-or-break time DDAY
Makes simpler EASES
Mark up with a red pen, say EDIT
Meet the moment STEPUP
Mini-albums, briefly EPS
Money, informally MOOLA
Mother’s Day VIP MAMA
Move tediously PLOD
Nailed a test ACEDIT
Noah’s boat and others ARKS
Oklahoma city with a Deco District TULSA
Pie ___ mode ALA
Polka ___ DOTS
Protein synthesis molecule RNA
Pulls hard YANKS
Reason for an out-of-office message VACATION
Root in a Cantonese cake TARO
Search for treasure HUNT
Serve, as wine POUR
Singer Bareilles SARA
Skinny SLIM
Snarky criticism about an afghan? THROWSHADE
Speed stat on the dash MPH
Supporting vote YEA
Tablet in a modern classroom IPAD
Take the word of? SWEARIN
Takeoff guess: Abbr ETD
Tale about tucking someone in? COVERSTORY
Targets of situps ABS
Thumbs-up for Linus’ security item? BLANKETAPPROVAL
What team building is meant to boost MORALE
Wholly acknowledge OWN
Wild guess STAB
Woolly animals that spit LLAMAS
Word before “transit” or “exodus” MASS
Words on a sticker for the civically engaged IVOTED
World clock std GMT
___ dragon (reptile) KOMODO

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