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Universal – Jul 15 2018

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Clues Answers
“… ___ should I” NOR
“Big” Londoner BEN
“My Own Private ___” IDAHO
“Please, come in!” ENTER
“Ta-da!” kin VOILA
Absolutely certain SURE
Actor Mineo SAL
Approving act NOD
Certain noble EARL
Cha-ching theater seat LOGE
Classic Replacements album PLEASEDTOMEETME
Common snack CHIPS
Cooler, in non-slang JAIL
Crime busters FBI
Decorate with gold ENGILD
Dinosaur preserver TARPIT
Do a spit take REACT
Domestic animal PET
Double DNA thing HELIX
Early moisture DEW
Earth bank BERM
Elevator name OTIS
Elite school PREP
Empty, as a threat IDLE
Get fainty SWOON
Get some fresh air GOOUT
Heavy-metal rock ORE
Herod’s land JUDEA
Highest die digit SIX
It’s not so bad after all HAPPYACCIDENT
It’s small and sucks LOUSE
Leer at OGLE
Lethal finish? ELL
Like a charming smile ENGAGING
Like blessed water HOLY
Clues Answers
Master or expert MAVEN
Mom’s counterpart DAD
Mona Lisa museum LOUVRE
Mortal danger PERIL
Much too much OVERKILL
Muscat resident OMANI
Music to a preacher’s ears AMEN
Nipped at the wire EDGED
Not easily seen OBSCURED
PilgrimsГ%83âГ%82ÀГ%82В%99 departure place ENGLAND
Pinsetter’s domain LANE
Pre-big-day EVE
Prohibit BAN
Rap’s genre HIPHOP
Residence ABODE
Residue type LEES
Sari sporter RANI
Sausage purveyor Bob EVANS
Singer DiFranco ANI
Some Greek consonants NUS
Spanish homes CASAS
Sr. and Jr. follower III
Stick together COHERE
Stopped fast? ATE
Store closing wish? BUYOUT
Ticked feeling IRE
U-turn from brainiac IDIOT
Under 180 degrees dir ENE
Veggie that rolls PEA
Waterway’s evaporation left-over SALTFLAT
Western expanse RANGE
What sad spirits do SAG
Whodunit suspect BUTLER
With wings ALATED
Worker’s list DUTIES