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Universal – Jul 16 2018

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Clues Answers
“Don’t make ___” (freeze) AMOVE
“Metamorphoses” author OVID
24-Across group ARMY
Acting Celeste HOLM
Arrange alphabetically SORT
Articulates SAYS
Assessor, essentially TAXER
Assistance HELP
Assns’ kin ORGS
Authentic REAL
Bad-dinner roll? TUMS
Banned pesticide ALAR
Barter TRADE
Be a glutton GORGE
Best-of-the-best initials GOAT
Bibliog. space-saver ETAL
Blockade variety NAVAL
Boom source TNT
Cardinal color RED
Chats up but good YAPS
Collection SET
Combat WAR
Days before EVES
Does extremely well at EXCELS
Estimate phrase ORSO
Fishing base PIER
Forest horn ANTLER
Former Chevy rival OLDS
Give a speeding ticket CITE
Glass-lifting reason TOAST
Go “y’all,” not “you all” ELIDE
Hairy problem SPLITENDS
Head for the clouds SOAR
Import? No, U-turn EXPORT
It was in the past? TWAS
It’s broken in the woods CAMP
It’s in the Shell game ARCO
Jazz player? CAGER
Clues Answers
Knocking syllables RATTAT
Large reference volume TOME
Lift over moguls TBAR
Like a nice meal GOODENOUGHTOEAT
Like Vegas show wear GAUDY
Liquid in the forest SAP
Living more years? OLDER
Love, for Pierre AMOUR
Mail carrier’s path ROUTE
Mixed in with AMONG
Mortgage lender’s info RATES
Mower’s trail SWATH
Murder, as a beast SLAY
New out front? NEO
No one – will do link ELSE
Nothing ___ (zip) ATALL
Protractor’s revelation ANGLE
Respiration problem ASTHMA
Room separator WALL
Secret meetings CONCLAVES
Singing voice ALTO
Skating jump AXEL
Small rodent VOLE
Smartphone feature CAMERA
Snaky creatures EELS
Street type, briefly THRU
Sundry collection OLIO
Takeover of a city SIEGE
True direction NORTH
Variety of male deer HART
Very small amount IOTA
Walk easily AMBLE
Whose Disney dragon? PETES