Universal – Jul 17 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Don’t move, Rex!” STAY
“It’s Raining ___” (song by The Weather Girls) MEN
“No cause for concern, folks!” FALSEALARM
“Octopus’s Garden” writer Starr RINGO
“Scrumptious!” YUM
1/secant, in trig COSINE
1970 Kinks song LOLA
41-Across muscle, informally BICEP
About 343 meters/second, for sound SPEED
Accountant’s asset? EYEFORDETAIL
Adored celebrity IDOL
Back financially FUND
Becomes ragged FRAYS
Bond, as metal WELD
Color changers DYES
Cut (off) LOP
Deception SHAM
Diana Ross, for the Supremes LEADSINGER
Done to death TRITE
Expert pilot ACE
Game console released in 2006 WII
Garment for a Siberian COAT
Gives temporarily LENDS
Hansen in a musical EVAN
Has a bagel, say EATS
Ilhan in Congress OMAR
Is flexible, figuratively ADAPTS
Issa who will voice Spider-Woman RAE
It’s not the real world IVORYTOWER
Junkyard car’s buildup RUST
Lecturer’s tool … or cat owner’s toy LASERPOINTER
Lie a little FIB
Lightbulb, in a comic IDEA
Like a hot desert SANDY
Like warships NAVAL
Makes things more high-stakes UPSTHEANTE
Molten hazard in Mario games LAVA
Mood rings or fidget spinners FAD
Mulligans, say REDOS
Name found backward in “excellent” NELLE
Name that’s a covering backward LIEV
NBC show that Norm Macdonald was on, for short SNL
Newbie astronaut SPACECADET
On vacation AWAY
Original source of penicillin MOLD
Penn and Yale IVIES
Poetic foot IAMB
Privileged info INSIDEDOPE
Ramen instruction STIR
Saxophone type ALTO
Sheet under a tent TARP
Show like “Yo soy Betty, la fea” TELENOVELA
Shower feature DRAIN
Sincere signoff in an email YOURSTRULY
Site of a 1919 treaty VERSAILLES
Sleeve filler ARM
Split in two HALVE
Starbucks size VENTI
Team in Queens METS
The “A” of MMA ARTS
The Q8 SUV and others AUDIS
Tilapia, e.g FISH
Tree of knowledge’s garden EDEN
Vitriol BILE
Wind in a marching band FIFE
Wine ___ dine AND
Word after “breaking” or “evening” NEWS
Word after “solar” or “control” PANEL
Z’s spot, alphabetically END
___ dry (stop flowing) RUN
___ fatale FEMME
___ Peacock (Clue suspect) MRS
___ Taco (restaurant chain) DEL

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