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Universal – Jul 18 2018

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Clues Answers
“7 Faces of Dr. ___” LAO
“As You Like It” setting ARDEN
“Be quiet!” SHH
“Fidelio” character ROCCO
“Huh?” relative HOWZAT
“King” preceder, menu’ed up ALA
“Spare the ___, spoil …” ROD
“What’s Happening!!” mom MABEL
Alien genre SCIFI
Atoll stuff CORALS
Auntie, to Daddy SIS
Basketwork willow OSIER
Bobbing with buoys ATSEA
Briskly, in old poetry APACE
Cathedral benches PEWS
Celled con FELON
Cheese in some salads FETA
Chew out SCOLD
Come together UNITE
Comics canine OTTO
Convention label NAMETAG
Czech Republic’s Vaclav HAVEL
Dir. in “frenetic” ENE
Disguised, cut INCOG
Disney’s middle ELIAS
Document closer? ENDNOTE
Drinkers’ brunch orders MIMOSAS
Eggs OVA
Emulates a hawk SOARS
Exotic trips SAFARIS
Family VIPs, simply MAS
Fashionable Campbell NAOMI
Fashionable Lauren RALPH
Faulty DVD-player feature? SLOWFORWARD
Fruit boxes CRATES
Get prone LIE
Clues Answers
Golden Calf fashioner AARON
Good type of employment GAINFUL
Hairy green insect BLOWFLY
Heady naturals AFROS
Horse opera OATER
Inflate, as with pride SWELL
Intermittent cramping condition TETANY
It disinfects LYSOL
It’s from the heart AORTA
Jared of Hollywood LETO
Late party arrivals? SLOWFRIENDS
Less happy SADDER
Less smooth soil? ROOTIER
Like the boss’s best workers? FASTBUTSURE
Long in the tooth HOARY
Mr. Geller URI
Murmur lovingly COO
Numbers for millions? ZEROS
Nun’s nun SISTER
One making proposals OFFERER
Org. of spies NSA
Prayer book selection ORISON
Price qualifier PER
Region of life BIOME
Sidewise ASKANT
Some McDonald’s employees? FASTCOOKERS
Space traveler GLENN
Spoke to a crowd ORATED
They feature your face IDS
U-turn from friendly ALOOF
Use a coaster? GLIDE
Virile MACHO
Way more than secs HRS
Where naturally located INSITU
Word with “done” or “right” ALL
___ fin (shark part) DORSAL