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Universal – Jul 19 2018

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Clues Answers
5-Down’s realm HADES
A guru for some SWAMI
A Scandinavian FINN
About musical pitch TONAL
African gulch WADI
All-eyes beach-goer OGLER
Bank of seats TIER
Behavior not tolerated WRONGFULCONDUCT
Blemish cause ACNE
Certain African SOMALI
Certain Mideast Gulf ADEN
Check for usefulness TEST
Close or Ford GLENN
Cloudy creations FOGS
Cool night fabric SATIN
Corcovado spot RIO
Cracked edibles EGGS
Crave hydration THIRST
Direction in “made sense” ESE
Directorial unit SCENE
Excessive films? EPICS
Fix with a needle ALTER
Fixed look GAZE
For the birds AVIAN
Frigg’s mythical hubby ODIN
Garnish vegetable CRESS
Grayish, skin-wise ASHEN
Head off AVERT
Heat producer OVEN
Homely fruit? UGLI
Hospital section WARD
How loafers stand by IDLY
How some food is chopped FINELY
Implore URGE
Irritant PEST
It can be golden or broken RULE
It often has a side? MEAL
It suits many SERGE
Clues Answers
It’s a layer HEN
Joe in Paris? CAFE
Johnny of late-night CARSON
Just, as a formality MERE
Like a proper rainbow ARCED
Little country motel INN
Lummox say what? OOPS
Luxury hotel perk SPA
Match action to sound SYNC
Mature AGE
Metal curve BEND
Metal holder RIVET
Military cap of France KEPI
Minor war of words SPAT
Misleading meeting result FALSEIMPRESSION
Mob scenes RIOTS
Noted desert GOBI
One-consonant lake ERIE
Penny ingredient ZINC
Prophetic sign OMEN
Putdown look SNEER
River in Missouri OSAGE
Shrub defenses THORNS
Signs, as checks ENDORSES
Some trigonometry findings SINES
Squeaking by EKING
The 20 to a pkg CIGS
Tropical fever AGUE
Turkish leadership titles AGAS
Unappreciated talk SASS
Underworld boater CHARON
What beauty is, they say SKINDEEP
Wide in the middle HIPPY
Word screamed after “me” TOO
Words with “get,” “step” or “hop” ONIT
Work out some knots KNEAD
Wrench variety ALLEN