Universal – Jul 19 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Fire Island” streaming service HULU
“Got it,” in the ’60s IDIG
“I ___ Feeling” (Black Eyed Peas hit) GOTTA
“I’d better be off soon” ITSLATE
“One ___ time!” ATA
Anatomical ring AREOLA
Author Bashevis Singer ISAAC
Balkan native SERB
Big jump LEAP
Bog material PEAT
Bought coffee for, maybe TREATED
Busy hosp. parts ERS
Civil rights activist Baker ELLA
Comments that aren’t on the record? LINERNOTES
Conditions’ partner TERMS
Costless item at Costco FREESAMPLE
Couple PAIR
Cram for an exam BONEUP
Do over, and a hint to two letters missing from the starts of 5-, 22-, 41-, 57- and 71-Across PEAT
Do penance ATONE
Droop in the heat WILT
Every ___ in a while ONCE
Exchanging insults, perhaps ATIT
Famous fable writer AESOP
Fix, as Bob the Builder would PAIR
Get hyped AMPUP
Hanoi’s country, informally NAM
Have a bite of TASTE
He’s known for his ego FREUD
Heist movie getaway vehicle, often STOLENCAR
Henna, for one DYE
High or low voices ALTOS
Hip bones ILIA
Huggable bear TEDDY
Ice cream holder CONE
In the style of ALA
Inventor’s protection PATENT
Is unable to CANNOT
Large BIG
Lifeguard’s procedure, briefly CPR
Like a fifty-fifty split EVEN
Like bad vibes OFF
LLC relative INC
Maj. for Platonic study buddies? PHIL
Merit badge org BSA
Nevada city RENO
Not for ANTI
Not tan, say PALE
Number below @ TWO
One in a society MEMBER
Potential enemy for a mouse (such as Jerry!) TOMCAT
Put on TV AIR
Q4 e-tron automaker AUDI
Secret stealer SPY
Selects for induction TAPS
Short-armed aquatic mammal OTTER
Smallest LEAST
Snack with a Cakesters line OREO
Sport with H-shaped goal posts RUGBY
Surfers’ addresses? URLS
Symbol above some Portuguese vowels TILDE
Tell, as a story NARRATE
Tending (to) LIABLE
Tennis pro Nadal’s nickname RAFA
The Gay Liberation Front published one in 1971 MANIFESTO
Think back to MEMBER
Trustworthy LIABLE
Unleavened Indian flatbreads ROTIS
Upload a 1040 online, e.g EFILE
Viola bow applications ROSINS
What Sabbath is a day of REST
Where to sing a shanty SEA
Withdrew from battle TREATED
Yiddish gossips YENTAS
___ into the DMs (messaged someone on Instagram) SLID

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