Universal – Jul 2 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“After further consideration …” ONSECONDTHOUGHT
“I’m at my wits’ ___!” END
“That’s my intention” IPLANTO
“The cat’s pajamas,” e.g IDIOM
“Tiny Desk Concerts” station NPR
“Until we meet again!” SOLONG
50% of the usual pace HALFSPEED
Appealing quality CHARM
Appliance that may be slow COOKER
Apt rhyme for “glide” SLIDE
Auction grouping LOT
Back muscle, for short LAT
Beret holder, in French TETE
Bonet of “Angel Heart” LISA
Bruno Mars song whose title is sung before “like one, two, three” COUNTONME
Casual pace TROT
Collided with BUMPED
Deer group HERD
Dipped a toe in, metaphorically or literally TESTEDTHEWATERS
Dr. Jekyll’s alter ego MRHYDE
Dreary GRAY
Easy ___, easy go COME
Emphatic, elided adjective EVERLOVIN
Fish hidden backward in “haddock” COD
Form a labor union ORGANIZE
Geography contest BEE
Goo in some oddly satisfying videos SLIME
Great Sphinx’s home GIZA
Heated and styled BLOWDRIED
Hour after noon ONE
Inquired about ASKEDAFTER
Insulted devastatingly ROASTED
It’s loaded near a lode ORECART
Jokes seriously DEADPANS
Lesbian who may or may not be attracted to butches FEMME
Miniature image on Twitch EMOTE
Most populous Canadian province ONTARIO
Motorist’s distress signal FLARE
No. 1 thing at a sports game? FOAMFINGER
Often-unhelpful customer support option CHATBOT
On the ___ (in flight) LAM
Overly TOO
Place to play pool, perhaps RECHALL
Play parts, or plays a part ACTS
Put two and two together INFER
Put two and two together? ADD
Score such as 20-20 TIE
Scots’ caps TAMS
Six-time NBA MVP ___ Abdul-Jabbar KAREEM
Skilled enough ABLE
Snapchat clip, briefly VID
Softball stat RBI
Sooner or later (but probably later) SOMEDAY
Split the bill GODUTCH
State north of North Macedonia KOSOVO
Summer drink suffix ADE
Surrealist painter Magritte RENE
Tennis great Monica SELES
They’re left in the snow TRACKS
Vampire’s resting place COFFIN
Visionary SEER
Where a squirrel might find food OAKTREE
With respect to INTERMSOF
___ Island (New York’s “Playground of the World”) CONEY
___-up energy PENT

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