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Universal – Jul 20 2018

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Clues Answers
“… mi, fa ___” SOL
“Great” one of kid lit NATE
“Sadly for me …” ALAS
“Scat!” SHOO
Aimee with the pipes MANN
Belief, either way TENET
Brush aside IGNORE
Catty coating FUR
Color or shade HUE
Coral eggs ROE
Do some fall leaving? RAKEUP
Drumsticks LEGS
Egotistical blowhards BOASTERS
Fall behind LAG
Farm’s producer HEN
Father SIRE
Feature of an angry kettle? HEADFULLOFSTEAM
Filmy statue? OSCAR
Flatulence under glass? GREENHOUSEGAS
Frequently, old-style OFT
Fronted LED
Get all weepy TEARUP
Gradually rolled back EBBED
Groups of two DUADS
Hard court judge? REF
Hardened SET
HI goodbyes ALOHAS
Home to 1/3 billion USA
Is brilliant? GLITTERS
John Jacob on the Titanic ASTOR
Language in “Purdue” URDU
Latin 101 word ESSE
Less tidy MESSIER
Liked, old-school DUG
Mayday call SOS
Clues Answers
Mentally sharp ASTUTE
Minor fault FOIBLE
Nile belly-crawlers ASPS
Not plumb ASKEW
Noted Hun ATTILA
Package recipient SENDEE
Paul of old Hollywood NEWMAN
Performed DID
Period of history ERA
Perth-to-Mount Isa dir ENE
Pig’s digs STY
Place with lots of milk DAIRY
Poe’s rhyme for “nevermore” LENORE
Provide with a trait ENDUE
Rock to pick ORE
Sentence linker AND
Severe trial ORDEAL
Shearers of wayward blades EDGERS
Signee’s signer PEN
Some marsh birds EGRETS
Tehran’s land IRAN
The Rio in Texas DEL
Tree ornament shapes ORBS
Trudge or drudge PLOD
Twisty strangler GAROTTE
Two things that are mined DIAMONDSANDCOAL
U-turn from “Ten-hut!” ATEASE
Understand, as a joke GET
Unlisted group OTHERS
Useless commotion ADO
Very old German TEUTON
Voting nay AGAINST
Wet item on a string TEABAG
What many kids go through PHASES
What Time is, briefly? MAG
With Nike’s features ALATE
Zimbabwe, once RHODESIA