Universal – Jul 22 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Big Three” conference site YALTA
“Snowy” bird EGRET
“Sure it is …” IBET
“To illustrate …”, and a hint to interpreting the starred clues FOREXAMPLE
“Well, I’ll be darned!” SONOFAGUN
Alaska’s tallest mountain DENALI
Apart from that ELSE
Ape found in the Congo Basin BONOBO
Briny expanses SEAS
Bunch of bees SWARM
Cleric’s title REVEREND
Cultural value system ETHOS
Decrease ABATE
Double-reeded instruments OBOES
Drew of children’s lit NANCY
Duel tool EPEE
Early August births, astrologically LEOS
Exams for HS juniors PSATS
Excited about KEENON
Fashion monogram hidden in “fancy slacks” YSL
Father’s nickname POPPA
First light DAWN
Flat fee? RENT
Fruit in some turnovers APPLE
Furry family members, often PETS
Garb for blending in, for short CAMO
Genre for H.E.R RANDB
Immense VAST
Indonesian island where Nyepi is observed BALI
It’s a long story SAGA
Letters on an invitation RSVP
Lounge around LOLL
Lustrous SILKY
Many of them say “Hello!” NAMETAGS
Midwest hub OHARE
Moral transgressions SINS
Name shared by two Spice Girls MEL
Name that bookends “bracket” BRET
Nebraska city that’s home to the largest indoor swamp OMAHA
Not domesticated FERAL
Number of Canadian provinces TEN
Old Italian bills LIRE
One-masted sailboats SLOOPS
Opera highlight ARIA
Popular mints CERTS
Pressing need? IRON
Ready and willing partner? ABLE
Rowing stick OAR
Sleeveless suit part VEST
Slight advantage EDGE
Slow, in sheet music LARGO
Speak your mind OPINE
Spread, like fingers SPLAY
Stomach muscles, briefly ABS
Stylish dresser FOP
Subject of many songs LOVE
Sun, in Spanish SOL
Takeover COUP
Turturro of “The Sopranos” AIDA
Vatican-related PAPAL
Venomous snakes ASPS
Vocal range below soprano ALTO
Ward of “The Fugitive” SELA
Where “skyscrapers bloom” and “Cadillacs zoom,” in a “West Side Story” song AMERICA
Where a guest might crash SPAREROOM
Win over ENDEAR
Woolly animals that can hum LLAMAS
Word after “spark” or “power” PLUG
Words between “chicken” and “king” ALA
Worry ___ (Guatemalan figurine) DOLL
___ out (cancels) XES
___ Perignon DOM

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