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Universal – Jul 23 2018

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Clues Answers
“A-Tisket, A-Tasket” singer ELLA
“Common” attribute SENSE
“Heat of the Moment” band ASIA
“I called it first!” DIBS
“You get it?” SEE
“___ many times I’ve …” TOO
Against votes NOES
Band’s place up top HAT
Be a tec or snoop LOOKINTO
Bear patiently ABIDE
Blyton of children’s books ENID
Boot from work CAN
Boy Scout’s doing DEED
Bun choice SESAME
Butter-ish topping OLEO
Can-do ABLE
Chastises verbally SCOLDS
Chicken ___ king ALA
Courtroom worker STENO
Craftiness GUILE
Egg on GOAD
Ferris wheel unit CAR
Food that fell from heaven MANNA
Frank with the diary ANNE
Georgia literary home TARA
Gets it going STARTS
Great Imperial Crown ruler TSAR
Have sincere concerns CARE
Heating element COIL
Hoagie HERO
Hodgepodge OLIO
Holding no emotions in OPEN
Home way up AERIE
Info drawer-outer ELICITOR
Informal grandmas NANAS
Jodie Foster portrayal CLARICESTARLING
Kim Basinger title role NADINE
Clues Answers
Leg bone TIBIA
Like Michelangelo’s David NUDE
Lingering pain ACHE
Literary intro PROEM
Looker, with “star” GAZER
Make bubble BOIL
Manipulating USING
Mapping subject GENE
Nonexistent NULL
Old stereo set HIFI
Part of a dovetail TENON
Penned up pig-style STYED
Pinch gently TWEAK
Place for Baltimore’s Harbor? INNER
Place for California dreamin’ USA
Scottish body, wet LOCH
Search engine results HITS
Slander kin LIBEL
Slight amounts IOTAS
Slow music movements LENTOS
Sommelier’s selections WINES
Strong smell ODOR
Suffix with “land” SCAPE
Super-long classics EPICS
Teamwork deterrents? EGOS
The Emerald Isle ERIN
Tilt to the sky TIPUP
Time of old YORE
Tiny limit-pushers IMPS
Tossed loop LASSO
Undiluted NEAT
Venerable game show THEPRICEISRIGHT
Visibility inhibitor HAZE
Wearisome task CHORE
Window or door part SILL
___ of Riley LIFE
___-Saxon ANGLO