Universal – Jul 24 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Break a leg,” e.g IDIOM
“Caught you!” GOTCHA
“Me too” SODOI
“Ode on a Grecian Urn” writer KEATS
“Straight ___ Compton” OUTTA
“___: Maverick” (2022 action sequel) TOPGUN
Assumed character PERSONA
Be a passenger RIDE
Belgian currency EURO
Birdie plus two BOGEY
Bit of choreography STEP
California 38-Down county SONOMA
Come out with SAY
Company that created a Sonic boom? SEGA
D&D class with a poetic name BARD
Decorating, as Easter eggs DYEING
Director Joel or Ethan COEN
Estimate phrase ORSO
Exchange jabs SPAR
Family car SEDAN
Fez, e.g CAP
Following a CPR instruction, perhaps LOCKINGLIPS
Fruity gin cocktail ingredient SLOE
Gear at Aspen SKIS
Gets a few winks NAPS
Give an answer RESPOND
Goldie of “Death Becomes Her” HAWN
Gravy container BOAT
Have curry, maybe EAT
Hide away STASH
Humanitarian Mandela NELSON
In the past AGO
In ___ (before birth) UTERO
It doesn’t come with everything KITCHENSINK
It’s made to be destroyed at a party PINATA
Kale concoctions SALADS
Kick, or something to kick with BOOT
Knightly address SIR
L.A.-to-San Diego dir SSE
Large ___ Collider HADRON
Less friendly ICIER
Like a pigsty MESSY
Like a pitcher’s ideal inning NOHIT
Like Mary Shelley’s “Frankenstein” EPISTOLARY
Like ocean motions TIDAL
Like some patches SEWON
Long-haired ox YAK
Miles ___ gallon PER
Miniature TINY
Muscles in six-packs ABS
Muscly TONED
Name that sounds like a slow-cooked dish STU
Nasal laugh noise SNORT
Nine-digit ID SSN
Norway’s largest city OSLO
Nurses a cocktail SIPS
Place to apply deodorant PIT
Pool cue STICK
Propelled a gondola POLED
Raw fish dish POKE
Red or white, but not blue WINE
Route WAY
Sturgeon eggs ROE
They carry many plates ARMADILLOS
They get people really high ROCKETSHIPS
Toll, for bridge use COST
Traditional or Roth investment IRA
Type of rug that partially covers a floor AREA
Unruly groups MOBS
Vogue, e.g., in brief MAG
Warning sign at a studio ONAIR
White, in French BLANC
Windy City hub OHARE
Word after “tight” or “bitter” END
Works by 30-Down POEMS
___ up (absorbs with bread) SOPS

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