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Universal – Jul 25 2018

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Clues Answers
“Firma” fronter TERRA
“___ Bravo” RIO
Absolutely shock STUN
Abstract work OPART
Appliance type ELECTRIC
At ease with USEDTO
Babysitters chase them TOTS
Belted out SUNG
Braces (oneself) STEELS
Buck feature ANTLER
Caesar’s robe TOGA
Chart steadier EASEL
Church seating PEWS
Clear a hurdle? LEAP
Clothing stain SPOT
Coffeehouse offering LATTE
Coming into existence NASCENT
Converse TALK
Correct wording EDIT
Distinctive elegance ELAN
Down one’s gullet EATEN
Earthly path? ORBIT
Expenditure OUTLAY
Faculty STAFF
Frost coating RIME
Genetic material, for short RNA
Greeting to a measure of circulation? HIBLOODPRESSURE
Hand-dyed fabrics BATIKS
Hardens SETS
Having a wavy pattern MOIRE
Ho ___ Minh CHI
Intense cravings YENS
Is a noisy kitty MEWS
Is sore ACHES
It’s paranormal ESP
Keep stating ITERATE
Kind of control COST
Clues Answers
Large northern lake ERIE
Large sheet of paper FOLIO
Left on board? PORT
Legendary elephant-eaters ROCS
Love in French AMOUR
Melded FUSED
Moisturizing additive ALOE
Old pear-shaped instrument LUTE
Pack down TAMP
Paddle SPANK
Plastic fly in a lake LURE
Pond scum source ALGA
Prepare to get engaged KNEEL
Projecting molding CORNICE
Property calculation AREA
Question when hiring a seamstress? SEWWHATCANYOUDO
Quite small WEE
Recipe shortening? TBSP
Reverses, as a tide EBBS
Rubs out OFFS
Ruler of long ago TSAR
Sari, e.g DRESS
Some canned meats HAMS
Some travel fees TOLLS
Sound-minded SANE
Support a fraudster ABET
Tartan pattern SETT
Throughout, in bibliographies PASSIM
Toy breed PUG
Trousers just past the knee BREECHES
U-turn from friend FOE
Vacant, as an apartment UNLET
Wager BET
Wall St. site NYC
War god ARES
Wearer of pointy shoes ELF
Where the neocon reporter went? FROMLEFTTOWRITE
Woofer emanation BASS