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Universal – Jul 26 2018

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Clues Answers
“The works” amount ALL
“___ each life some …” INTO
Absorbed the cost ATE
Act loudly? EMOTE
Amino, for one ACID
Antique-shop item CURIO
Archery necessities ARROWS
Argentinian leader PERON
Bang-inducing letters TNT
Borrow? U-turn LEND
Bratty kids IMPS
Bring forth EVOKE
British race site ASCOT
Buy? No, U-turn SELL
Carnivore’s opposite VEGAN
Certain hair color BLOND
Chicken dish, coming back? SOURANDSWEET
Colorful marble AGATE
Cur’s woe MANGE
Dick Tracy’s girlfriend TESS
Didn’t offer for sale KEPT
Digit-al places, coming back? FEETANDHANDS
Doughy pastries STRUDELS
Eastern metropolis NYC
Emotionally frank OPEN
Emulate a ballad singer CROON
Female deer DOE
Fish pullers REELS
Flower part STALK
Greek lamb dish MOUSSAKA
Grounded 10 TOES
Hardest to find RAREST
Huge fowl EMU
Impressive suffix EST
Indian dress, one way SAREE
Informal maternal ones MAS
Informal minister? REV
Clues Answers
Kinda-modern weapon ICBM
Large stringed instrument HARP
Large type of bag TOTE
Like some aunts of yore SPINSTER
Luxurious getaway SPA
Marine eagle ERNE
Mechanical tooth COG
Messy one SLOB
Milk squirters UDDERS
More dimwitted OBTUSER
More pickable RIPER
Mucky home STY
Musician Lofgren NILS
Name of several British kings EDWARD
Nat and Natalie with the pipes COLES
Noted canal ERIE
Office furniture DESK
Port in Israel HAIFA
Post-game news RECAP
Powerful engine TURBO
Prop up in dirt? TEE
Pulpit person PASTOR
Ring, as a bell PEAL
Rumor spreader GOSSIPER
Scurrying double-crossers? RATS
Shoulder blade SCAPULA
Sleeps no more AWAKENS
Solo getting a “Brava!” ARIA
Some season-ing, coming back? SUMMERANDSPRING
Streamlet RILL
Supplier of Winchesters ARMER
The real first lady EVE
Type of land mass ISLET
Vicinity AREA
Weirdly chilling EERIE
Wordy tribute ODE