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Universal – Jul 26 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“A likely story!” HAH
“Como ___ usted?” ESTA
“Cool beans!” NEATO
“I” problem? EGO
“Much appreciated,” informally THANX
“No” vote NAY
“The Marvelous ___ Maisel” MRS
“___ me think …” LET
’60s chic MOD
Advent calendar flap DOOR
Alpha’s opposite OMEGA
Angsty offshoot of punk EMO
Art piece that hangs MOBILE
Back in time AGO
Bit of ink TAT
Bread for a Reuben RYE
Comprehended GOT
Conde ___ (The New Yorker’s publisher) NAST
Confiscate SEIZE
Cons’ counterparts PROS
Cop to ADMIT
Craigslist postings ADS
Cushy footstools OTTOMANS
Description of a boy who resembles a particular parent (Letters 3-10) HISMOTHERSSON
Drug taken for a trip LSD
Fashion magazine based in Paris ELLE
Fitting toy for a child? LEGO
Frankenstein’s assistant, in movies IGOR
Frida Kahlo portrayer Salma HAYEK
Goes on to say ADDS
Greek god who envied Adonis ARES
Have a bite EAT
Head toppers HATS
Hindfoot part HEELBONE
Home to Tehran IRAN
Indian melody RAGA
It covers rock, in a children’s game PAPER
JFK alternative LGA
Kind of TV screen LCD
Light-footed AGILE
Moving vehicles VANS
Mythical winged archer EROS
One-sided, politically PARTISAN
Pamper SPOIL
Pause in a melody REST
Payment method at a fair, often CASH
PC alternative MAC
Pic to click ICON
Playground retort ISTOO
Poker prize POT
Polite, apostrophized address MAAM
Realized immediately (Letters 4-9) KNEWRIGHTAWAY
Rival of Discover VISA
Roma is its capitale ITALIA
Royals’ leader, e.g. (Letters 6-11) BASEBALLMANAGER
Sandwich holders with crunchy morsels (In this clue’s answer, see letters 4-7) SESAMESEEDROLLS
Seemingly forever EON
Siberian grassland STEPPE
Slightly ABIT
Socially reserved SHY
Soon, in Shakespeare’s day ANON
Spock portrayer Leonard NIMOY
Starlike ASTRAL
Strand during a wintry storm ICEIN
Sweetie HON
Tether TIE
Tip jar bill ONE
Tweak, as copy EDIT
Tyke on a trike, say TOT
Unpleasant person PILL
Unreturned serve ACE
Word after “private” or “military” JET
Yahoo! Mail or Google Docs WEBAPP
Yellow, black or chocolate pooch LAB
___ garden (spot to meditate) ZEN
___ stick (toy for bouncing) POGO