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Universal – Jul 28 2018

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Clues Answers
“Fat chance!” NOWAY
“The Inferno” poet DANTE
“To Kill a Mockingbird” author LEE
A Wayans brother SHAWN
Act philanthropically DONATE
Adjective with “Christmas” MERRY
Airport info ETA
Ankle-to-waist put-on LEGGING
Annoying GRATING
Applies holy oil to ANOINTS
Awesome beauty mark? TEN
Billiard’s spin ENGLISH
Catch some rays SUNTAN
Caustic cleaner LYE
Certain bird sound COO
Cheese go-with HAM
Chewy candy TOFFEE
Christopher of “Deathtrap” REEVE
Collect AMASS
Curtain material, sometimes NINON
Diner patron EATER
Doctrine TENET
Double Stuf cookies OREOS
Dressy shoes HEELS
Drink of Japanese ceremonies TEA
Enewetak, for one ATOLL
European org. from 1957 to 1993 EEC
Express deep thoughts OPINE
Failure of judgment LAPSE
Fall behind financially OWE
Fits of shivering AGUES
Frequent party days EVES
Gas bill stat USAGE
Greek father of medicine GALEN
Hangman option? ANI
Head of the ranch? STEER
Clues Answers
Hereditary INNATE
Hotel amenity SPA
Kins of afts STERNS
Lame ducks GONERS
Last to finish SLOWEST
Letter’s cross stroke SERIF
Mar. follower APR
Most high schoolers TEENS
Mountain cluster MASSIF
Mr. Peanut attire SPATS
One way to point NORTH
Peter and rulers like him TSARS
Pick up stakes UNPEG
Pitcher’s stat ERA
Quibble CAVIL
Quick, as a judgment SNAP
Ransacks and robs LOOTS
Reliable TRUSTY
Restless first woman’s movement? ASCENTOFEVE
Restless newfangled shuttle piece? ORINGSPRING
Restless therapeutic rock program? ORETOHEALTH
Restless winners of Super Bowls? THEDEFENSES
Say “hello” to GREET
Senior of all OLDEST
Seven on some clocks VII
Short john? LAV
Some clubs DRIVERS
Stop paying attention to TUNEOUT
Take umbrage RESENT
Tear open UNRIP
Time fractions HRS
Titles for baronets SIRS
Triumphant exclamation HOOHAH
Wall climbers IVIES
Whacks into pieces CHOPS