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Universal – Jul 28 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Head over heels” and “hand over fist” IDIOMS
“Just my 2 cents,” in a text IMO
“Of course! Of course!” YESYES
“Summer Nights” musical GREASE
“That’s ___” (Dean Martin love song) AMORE
“The ___ of Glory” (Lady Gaga hit) EDGE
“To life,” at a bat mitzvah LCHAIM
“___ and the Detectives” EMIL
*Carnival’s setting FAIRGROUND
*Harris, to Biden, in 2020 RUNNINGMATE
*Outing for two couples DOUBLEDATE
*Pairing on a fight card MATCHUP
A, in Cannes UNE
Aged OLD
Ascended ROSE
Assigned a job to TASKED
Better ventilated AIRIER
Blue-green AQUA
Cartoon squeal EEK
Definitely will, after “is” SURETO
Dietary amt RDA
Document signed before a stunt WAIVER
Dominates, to gamers OWNS
Dramatic baseball maneuver, or what you can do within each starred answer to form two words/phrases? SQUEEZEPLAY
Drug made from a fungus LSD
Extolled LAUDED
Floral Van Gogh subjects IRISES
Freeze-___ (still image) FRAME
Gear up (for) PREP
Genie’s place LAMP
Grazed, say ATE
Heart of a winner? ENS
iPod predecessor DISCMAN
Is in the hole OWES
It might be part-time JOB
It was in orbit for 15 years MIR
Keg outlet TAP
Kind of guitar ACOUSTIC
Labyrinths MAZES
Lead-in to “que” POR
Letter before omega PSI
Life ___ (inflatable vessel) RAFT
Like a red strawberry RIPE
Like flan EGGY
Machines in some labs PCS
Meal that may feature tempura BENTO
Medieval workers SERFS
Nickname that anagrams to “Bea” ABE
One of nine in baseball, usually INNING
One who takes things down SCRIBE
One, in Cancun UNO
Parachutist’s apparel JUMPSUIT
Paramedic’s roll GAUZE
Part-time athlete SEMIPRO
Periphery RIM
Photographer’s prefix for “data” META
Polo shirt brand IZOD
Practice, as a trade PLY
Proceed leisurely GOSLOW
Short zinger ONELINER
Shows reluctance DEMURS
Signifies DENOTES
Speaks with a booming voice THUNDERS
Spray used before sauteing PAM
Squarish BOXY
Stab or go TRY
Subtle summons PSST
Sugar stalk CANE
Summer, to a Parisian ETE
Tex-___ MEX
Top-grossing movie of all time AVATAR
Tops of Santa costumes HATS
Verb that sounds like its middle letter ARE
Way to a freeway ONRAMP
Went down a chute SLID
Word before “cell” or “spell” DRY
Worn-out horse NAG
___ milk OAT