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Universal – Jul 28 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Absolutely!” YES
“Aladdin” prince ALI
“Enough!” in El Salvador NOMAS
“Holy cow!” YIKES
“Lookie here!” OHO
“That’s my wish” IHOPE
“Who, me?” MOI
Actress Rowlands GENA
Anatomical pouch SAC
As compensation INEXCHANGE
Attorneys’ org ABA
Ax-throwing skill AIM
Beasts of burden ASSES
Beauty pageant headwear TIARA
Bee ___ (“Night Fever” band) GEES
Big screen name IMAX
Cashew or almond NUT
Chow mein in a to-go box, e.g CHINESETAKEOUT
Civil rights concern BIAS
Civil rights initials NAACP
Clarice’s middle name? ARI
Cleaning chemical AMMONIA
Comes up ARISES
Computer mouse’s spot PAD
Drink made from frozen grapes ICEWINE
Droopy-shaped purse HOBOBAG
Easy mark PATSY
Elizabeth I’s mother ANNE
Faux material in a vegan coat FUR
Fluffy household item DUSTER
Former NFL quarterback Manning ELI
Full of dirt roads, say RURAL
Greek M’s MUS
Greek T TAU
Hostile force ENEMY
How many TV shows air INHD
Hydroelectricity source DAM
Kind of meeting at school PTA
Like a “wise” bird OWLISH
Like Mayan pyramids STEPPED
Limb in a sling ARM
Loafer or mule SHOE
LP player HIFI
Lt. Kojak of ’70s TV THEO
Nests on cliffs AERIES
Oolong, for one TEA
Open ___ night MIC
Pacific capital WNW of Pago Pago APIASAMOA
Palindromic Asian occasion TET
Perch on a cliff CRAG
Santa Claus feature BEARD
Say the opposite of CONTRADICT
School vehicle BUS
Search for viruses, say SCAN
Shipping route through the 8-Down SEALANE
Skating champion Lipinski TARA
Speedometer letters MPH
Suffix for “northeast” ERN
Switch ups? ONS
That guy’s HIS
The “I” in TGIF ITS
They create gaps between teeth SPACERS
To-do list items ERRANDS
Unbeatable rival NEMESIS
Urban haze SMOG
Vast body of water OCEAN
Viewpoint OPINION
Volume boosters AMPS
What ends on Nov. 6 in 2022 DST
With part of this grid and 28-Across, deny DISC
With part of this grid and 46-Across, flat finale ANTIC
With part of this grid and 60-Across, curbside noisemaker CARA
With part of this grid and 70-Across, shades SUNG
Word before “a shadow” or “a spell” CAST