Universal – Jul 29 2018

Clues Answers
“Ali ___ and the 40 Thieves” BABA
“Meet Me ___ Louis” INST
“What am I getting myself ___?” INTO
Approaches another birthday AGES
Attacks or surges ONRUSHES
Bathroom floor piece TILE
Boys and lads TADS
British royal ANNE
Building block? BRICK
Bushel’s four PECKS
Celts’ old language ERSE
Certain evergreen PINE
Check-out groceries SCAN
Chillingly weird EERIE
Choice rating AONE
Common cookie OREO
Constellation creature URSA
Crazy fight MELEE
Displeasure IRE
Do guard duty WATCH
Environs AREA
Eurasian boundary river URAL
Feed a fire STOKE
Final, e.g EXAM
Gets startled, as a horse REARS
Gunpowder stuff NITER
How assumptions are made WITHOUTCHECKING
Inoperative state? NOGO
Lab fire-producer ETNA
Lesser Antilles, once DUTCHWESTINDIES
Lily of Utah SEGO
Lots or host SLEW
Montana city HELENA
Most powerful club? ACE
Murphy film “48 ___” HRS
Nirvana seekers YOGIS
Not now LATER
Off-ramp EXIT
Clues Answers
Old cafeteria AUTOMAT
Old Spanish coins PESETAS
Opener INTRO
Opera solo ARIA
P.D. investigators DETS
Path or route WAY
Poisoning aftermath THROATCLUTCHING
Positive votes YEAS
Post-op time REHAB
Precipitate commonly RAIN
Remove from the board? SAW
Rest stop biggie SEMI
Revised, as text EDITED
Root vegetable BEET
Shakespeare’s general or Bible book TITUS
Sharp on the tongue ACRID
Shop talk LINGO
Signed with pen INKED
Slithery fishes EELS
Small group TRIO
Some batteries AAS
Special effects technique, briefly CGI
Suffix besting “-er” EST
Sun-related prefix HELIO
Surrealism pioneer ERNST
Taj Mahal’s country INDIA
Tremendous blows KOS
Twofold DOUBLY
Type of ray COSMIC
Type of warning DIRE
Uranus moon OBERON
Voyage TRIP
Wedding announcement word NEE
What to follow in games RULES
Win in a romp ROUT
Word with “human” or “second” NATURE
Work with a wok SAUTE

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