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Universal – Jul 29 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“A rose by any ___ name …” OTHER
“B-o-r-i-n-g” SNORE
“Como ___ usted?” ESTA
“Go get it, Fido!” (note this answer’s final 2 letters + …) FETCH
“High Voltage” band ACDC
“Take a ___ breath!” DEEP
“Take it easy!” RELAX
“Uh-uh” NOPE
007 creator Fleming IAN
1923 National Women’s Party proposal, briefly ERA
AA, A and B, for eggs GRADES
Adele’s voice range ALTO
Adhesive on a roll TAPE
Anger IRE
Basic course INTRO
Beret, e.g HAT
Big rig SEMI
Billionaire Musk ELON
Bit of gossip (final 3 letters + …) IDLERUMOR
Bottom-row PC key ALT
Breathes out EXHALES
Brings together UNITES
Butt muscle, briefly GLUTE
Civil War prez ABE
Climate activist Thunberg GRETA
Do penance ATONE
End of a relay race (final 3 letters + …) LASTLEG
End of an apple pie order (… first 2) ALAMODE
Ethereal glows AURAS
Figurehead’s place on a ship PROW
Fish with a neon variety TETRA
Flat-topped formations MESAS
Formerly named NEE
Fusilli or rigatoni PASTA
George ___ University MASON
Get the lead out? ERASE
Group gathering, slangily SESH
Have a thing for (final 3 letters + …) CRUSHON
In the know AWARE
Island where Hercules captured a bull CRETE
Keep the beat DRUM
Khaki pants CHINOS
Leatherworking tool AWL
Length x width, for a rectangle AREA
Let up ABATE
Like the telegraph, nowadays OBSOLETE
Long jump LEAP
Miner’s quest ORE
Moderate pace TROT
Most visited Hawaiian island OAHU
Nannies or billies GOATS
Nickelodeon explorer DORA
Note from a teacher (… first 2) SEEME
NYC opera venue, with “The” MET
Org. that regulates emissions EPA
Paper-folding art (… first 2) ORIGAMI
Paradise EDEN
Pirate’s beverage RUM
Place for a plug OUTLET
Poet Frost ROBERT
Pound sound ARF
Put into words UTTER
Separate DIVIDE
Short name for a long vehicle LIMO
Slender swimmers EELS
Small criticism NIT
Sound from a fan WHIR
Spelling competition BEE
Sty sound SNORT
Surprisingly, they can be even ODDS
Telly network, with “the” BEEB
Totally trounces (… this answer’s first 3) EATSALIVE
UFO pilots ETS
Unspoken but understood TACIT
Villainous Kylo REN
Wanderer NOMAD
Word before “zero” or “minimum” ABSOLUTE
Zig instead of zag, say ERR