Universal – Jul 3 2022 Crossword Answers

Clues Answers
“Acorn” author Yoko ONO
“Velvet Buzzsaw” actress Russo RENE
35mm camera type SLR
Amethyst or pearl, e.g GEM
Amman Citadel’s country JORDAN
Anglicized name for Guangzhou CANTON
B.C. winter hours PST
Barbecue spice blend RUB
Bit of free time SPAREMOMENT
Bite-size treat with a hole MINIDONUT
Bushes or cacti PLANTS
Cambridge’s ___ Media Lab MIT
Cheese in a red rind EDAM
Chihuahua coin PESO
Chose not to bug LEFTALONE
Citrusy cognac cocktail SIDECAR
Common conjunctions ANDS
Composer’s numbered works OPUSES
Crops up ARISES
Daisy Duck or Papa Smurf, e.g TOON
Deteriorated WENTTOPOT
Do some Pilates STRETCH
Egyptian Marvel character who was in the Serpent Society ASP
Exams for many HS juniors PSATS
Exceptional grade APLUS
Far from rosy GRIM
Gives off EMITS
Got into a pickle? ATE
Handbag fastener CLASP
Hard journey TREK
Hidden supply CACHE
Hiking guides MAPS
Hit one out of the park HOMER
Hoppy pub pick IPA
Household liquidation events ESTATESALES
Insect with elbow-shaped antennae ANT
It pops up in the kitchen TOAST
Japanese food whose name means “beans on a branch” EDAMAME
Kitty’s seat LAP
List on Depop, say SELL
Loud, angsty music genre SCREAMO
Lowly worker PEON
Major blood vessel AORTA
Makes a scene? ACTS
Manning or Apple of football ELI
Material in some squishy toys GEL
Muscle tank, e.g TOP
Necklace often stored in the refrigerator LEI
Noodle soup made with a paste MISORAMEN
Numbers that increase annually AGES
One known for funny insults ROASTMASTER
Overly proper PRIM
Pest in a cloud GNAT
Potatoes, in Indian cuisine ALOO
Put on a pouty face SULK
Rapid transit option BULLETTRAIN
Shower affection (on) DOTE
Sigh of relief PHEW
Some scam artists CONMEN
Spanish direction hidden in “Worcester” ESTE
Station with salsa and shells TACOBAR
Texter’s “To me …” IMO
Tokyo-based keyboard maker CASIO
Trash destination GARBAGEDUMP
Tree susceptible to bark beetles ELM
Tree with needles PINE
Type of bracket for high earners UPPERINCOME
U-turn from WSW ENE
Uncertainties IFS
Unit of energy equal to 10 million ergs JOULE
Workers’ advocates, casually UNIONREPS
Yearning for the good old days NOSTALGIA

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