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Universal – Jul 30 2018

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Clues Answers
“North” and “South” stick-ons ERNS
“Remove,” in proofreading DELE
“You know the rest” YADDAYADDAYADDA
Acid type AMINO
African antelope ADDAX
Albs housing MANSE
Any thick, soupy liquid GLOP
Aspirations AIMS
Assistance for the poor ALMS
Be laid up AIL
Be taught LEARN
Bear with ABIDE
Big atlas part ASIA
Bleachers STANDS
Bold way to commit crimes INBROADDAYLIGHT
Boss of fashion HUGO
Calls before a judge ARRAIGNS
Candied tuber YAM
Common drink SODA
Conjured up MADE
Dates SEES
Did a Colombo SLEUTHED
Drive-in beverage MALT
Elevated nest AERIE
Factory PLANT
Feudal Scottish baron THANE
Fish-to-be ROE
Fix a 22-Down EDIT
Follow ENSUE
From a long distance AFAR
Glasgow girl LASS
Having the skills ABLE
Hawkeye player ALAN
Historical period ERA
Hot alcoholic drink TODDY
Lays out ARRAYS
Like disco today PASSE
Long written piece ESSAY
Clues Answers
Look for groceries SHOP
Manipulates a contest RIGS
Mayor Giuliani RUDY
Metric volume unit STERE
Mexican nap SIESTA
Names names IDS
Narrow fish EEL
Not trailing AHEAD
One with foresight SEER
Open skylights ATRIA
Paste alternative GLUE
Penner Bagnold ENID
Piercing place LOBE
Poet Angelou MAYA
Possessor OWNER
Princess’ crown TIARA
Pulverizes potatoes MASHES
Punctual? No TARDY
Ranch baby FOAL
Ride provider HORSE
Roof part EDGE
Santa follower? ANA
Satisfies fully SATES
Schoolkid’s undertaking TEST
Servers of whoppers LIARS
Shower gel add-in ALOE
Ski chalets’ backdrop ALPS
Some canonical hours SEXTS
Summer colors? TANS
Tease harshly TAUNT
They’re cornered in mailboxes RETURNADDRESSES
Tombs down deep CRYPTS
Tricky fix SPOT
Vast corny place IOWA
Western high-rise? MESA
Yuletide beverages NOGS
___ du jour (menus) CARTES
___ to (preceded) LEDUP