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Universal – Jul 30 2021 Crossword Answer

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Like herding cats” and “sick as a dog” IDIOMS
“Swell!” NEATO
“That’s relaxing!” AHH
“___ Banks” (Netflix show set in North Carolina) OUTER
Actress Patti LUPONE
Ancient Egyptian queen, familiarly CLEO
Annoy RILE
Anti-consumerist ideology FREEGANISM
Brazilian bossa nova hub, informally RIO
Card that beats a deuce TREY
Certain computer problem SYSTEMERROR
Chinese “way” TAO
Chopper part ROTOR
Cognac brand HENNESSY
Common sleep disorder APNEA
Congressional approval YEA
Currency for 19 countries EURO
Deliver a speech ORATE
Directive in a sauce recipe STIR
Easy wins ROMPS
Falco of “Nurse Jackie” EDIE
Forest green, for one HUE
Fortune-teller SEER
Graduation cap feature TASSEL
Hammer-wielding Avenger THOR
Harvard’s rival YALE
Headbutt, or an animal that headbutts RAM
Humorist Bombeck ERMA
Impose, as a fine LEVY
Initials on a deli menu BLT
Island of ___ Toys (place visited by Rudolph) MISFIT
It’s represented by bars CELLSERVICE
Kleenex purchase TISSUEBOX
Knee injury site: Abbr ACL
Like a disciplinarian STERN
Like dough after baking, one hopes RISEN
Like some diet desserts NOFAT
List of players ROSTER
Mine carts’ contents ORES
Misplace LOSE
Noble gas in arc lamps XENON
Not often RARELY
One might say “Is this thing on?” into it MIC
People who made proclamations HERALDS
Pie containers TINS
Poker pile POT
Prefix with “athlete” TRI
Pulled part of a church instrument ORGANSTOP
Rap’s ___ Nas X LIL
Relative of ice cream, for short FROYO
Religious faction SECT
Remark to the audience ASIDE
Scarfed down ATE
Shannon of Thirty Seconds to Mars LETO
Site of a famous opera house SYDNEY
Sock’s end TOE
Spanish mister SENOR
State with a potato museum IDAHO
Stuff in a certain muffin BRAN
Take out a policy for INSURE
Taken in pill form, say ORAL
Taste or touch SENSE
Teacher’s pen color, often RED
To be, in French ETRE
Toni Morrison’s birth state OHIO
Touches on the shoulder TAPS
Trips to the liquor store, say BEERRUNS
Vamooses SCRAMS
Vehicles with many lights PARTYBUSES
Web exchange IMS
What a tire swing may swing from LIMB
___ Antonio SAN
___ Talk TED