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Universal – Jul 30 2022 Crossword Answers

Published in Universal Crossword.

Clues Answers
“Another great point” THATTOO
“Chess” opening? ACTI
“If Beale Street Could Talk” writer-director Barry JENKINS
“Pick a card, ___ card!” ANY
“Quit yanking my udder!” MOO
“Send help!” SOS
“That was a close one!” PHEW
“That was incredible” feeling AWE
“That’s delicious!” TASTESGOOD
“Totally!” YES
“You’re on ___” (Zoom reminder) MUTE
Ability to take amazing front-facing photos SELFIEGAME
Actress Gugino CARLA
An idolatrous person might worship them FALSEGODS
Arab leaders EMIRS
Bare minimum LEAST
Black birds CROWS
Cell division process MITOSIS
Champagne name MOET
Charges, like a cellphone JUICESUP
Cleans up a spill MOPS
Color of a traffic cone ORANGE
Consumes more than OUTEATS
Demonstrate SHOW
Eager to listen ALLEARS
Everybody, in Spanish TODOS
Fan who might need to calm down when “You Need To Calm Down” comes on SWIFTIE
Fancy dressers FOPS
Gal. or qt AMT
Gentler part of one’s personality SOFTSIDE
Going steady with SEEING
It has a punch line JOKE
It might be made with tonkotsu broth RAMEN
It’s put on winter roads SALT
Language similar to Thai LAO
Like unfavorable odds SLIMTONONE
Long, thin mushroom in Japanese cuisine ENOKI
Makes a choice OPTS
Matcha and oolong, e.g TEAS
Mike and ___ IKE
Month after Mar APR
Nintendo Switch preceder WIIU
Novelist Hoag TAMI
Number of lives cats are said to have NINE
Org. that might confiscate gel insoles TSA
Parents who can do it all SUPERMOMS
Participate in a regatta SAIL
Person tearing up the dance floor, maybe? TILER
Place to see the Phantom menace? OPERAHOUSE
Puppy pickup place NAPE
Sacred song PSALM
Serious kudos MAJORPROPS
Set straight ALIGN
Shirley Ann Jackson’s alma mater MIT
Singer-songwriter Yoko ONO
Small unit of progress STEP
Speck on a Lab coat, perhaps FLEA
Sprite that you can’t drink ELF
Standards of excellence IDEALS
Stretch the truth LIE
Stylish CHIC
Taxing job? IRSAUDITOR
Type of cheese with eyes SWISS
Was aware KNEW
What Santa does before Christmas MAKESALIST
Widespread RIFE
Wine selection RED
Wish for a coupling between two characters SHIPIT
Ye ___ Shoppe OLDE
___ Stoppable (Kim Possible’s pal) RON